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What is Hydraulic Folding Machine?

A hydraulic folding machine is a type of machine that uses hydraulic pressure to bend or fold metal sheets or plates. These machines are typically used in the metal fabrication industry for tasks such as bending sheet metal for roofing, ductwork, and other construction projects, as well as for creating complex shapes in metal parts for automotive, aerospace, and other industries.

The machine typically consists of a bed, a clamping system to hold the metal in place, and a folding beam with a hydraulic cylinder. The metal is clamped into the machine and the folding beam, powered by the hydraulic cylinder, applies pressure to the metal, bending it to the desired angle.

Hydraulic folding machines can have different capabilities, some are simple manual folding machines, while others are CNC-controlled machines that can perform multiple bends with high accuracy and consistency. They can also be used for folding metal sheets of different thicknesses, widths, and materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

These machines are widely used in metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, HVAC ductwork, roofing, automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in general manufacturing, where the need of folding metal sheet with precision and consistency is required.