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What is Eccentric Presses?

An eccentric press is a type of mechanical press that uses an eccentric drive mechanism to produce a reciprocating motion. The drive mechanism typically consists of a flywheel that is mounted to an eccentric, which is a circular disk that is offset from the center of the flywheel. As the flywheel rotates, the offset eccentric causes the ram of the press to move up and down in a reciprocating motion. The press ram is typically connected to a punch or die, which is used to perform a variety of operations such as punching, blanking, and forming.

Eccentric presses are commonly used for operations such as punching, blanking, forming, and coining. They are versatile machines that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks in the manufacturing industry, and are capable of producing high precision parts with high accuracy. They are known for high production rate, accuracy and robustness. The eccentric presses are available in different size and configuration to suit different needs, for example, single and multiple cranks, single and double action, and many more.