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What is Die & Mould sector?

The die and mold sector, also known as the tool and die sector, is the industry that specializes in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of dies, molds, and other tooling used in a variety of manufacturing processes. The term “die” refers to a tool that is used to shape or cut a material, while the term “mold” refers to a tool that is used to create a specific shape or form.

Dies and molds are used in a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods. They are used to make parts for cars, aircraft, appliances, toys, and many other products. The process of creating a die or mold is called tooling, and it involves the design, development, and manufacture of the tool, as well as the maintenance and repair of the tool over its lifecycle.

The die and mold sector is characterized by its high precision and complexity, requiring a skilled workforce, advanced technology, and specialized software and equipment. Tooling is a crucial step in the manufacturing process, as it ensures that the end product is of high quality and meets the specifications required. The sector also plays an important role in the innovation and product development, as a well-designed die or mold can reduce the production cost and improve the product quality.

Overall, the die and mould sector is an important part of the manufacturing industry and plays a critical role in the design and production of a wide range of consumer and industrial products.