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What is CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine?

A CNC (computer numerical control) Travelling Column Milling Machine is a type of milling machine where the column (the housing for the spindle and motor) is stationary, but the table (the work surface) moves in the x-axis (left and right) direction. This allows for the machining of very large workpieces, as the table can travel a significant distance to the left and right of the column.

CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine are typically used in industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and heavy equipment manufacturing, where large and complex parts need to be machined. They are also well-suited for machining large workpiece in batch production. This type of milling machine have the advantage of large work envelope and high rigidity which allows for heavy cutting conditions. Because of it’s stationary column, it provides better thermal stability which is necessary for precision work. The cutting tool and workpiece movement are controlled by the CNC system, which can execute a series of instructions programmed into it, allowing for automated and precise control of multiple operations.

It is similar to CNC Vertical Machining Center in terms of the type of operations it can perform, but the main difference between them is the location of column, in VMC the column move along y-axis where as in CNC Travelling Column Milling Machine the column is stationary and table move along x-axis.