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What is CNC Lathe with C Axis Machine?

A CNC lathe with a C-axis is a type of computer numerical control (CNC) lathe that is equipped with a C-axis, which is a rotary motion axis that is perpendicular to the standard X and Z axes of the lathe. The addition of a C-axis enables the machine to perform complex multi-axis machining operations, such as contouring and helical interpolation, which can be used to create complex geometries, such as threads and helical cuts.

In a CNC Lathe with C-axis machine, the C-axis provides continuous motion that can be programmed to rotate in precise increments, allowing for precise machining of various angled surfaces. This allows the machine to produce parts with more complex geometries, such as those found in aerospace, medical, and other high-precision applications.

The C-axis also allows for live tooling, where a cutting tool, such as a milling cutter, can be mounted on the C-axis and rotated to machine the workpiece while it is turning. This eliminates the need to stop the machine and change tools, and results in higher efficiency and improved productivity.

The Machine can be controlled using G codes, which are the standard numerical control (NC) programming language used to control CNC machine tools. It is capable of precision cutting and drilling, and the motion is smooth, accurate, and consistent. The G code is a programming language that can be used to control the machine, allowing for precise cuts, drilling and other operations.