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What is CNC Lathe machine?

A CNC lathe is a type of machine tool that uses computer numerical control (CNC) to control the movement of the cutting tool. CNC technology allows for precise control of the cutting tool’s position and movement, enabling the machine to produce very precise and accurate parts.

A CNC lathe typically consists of a chuck (a clamp that holds the workpiece in place), a cutting tool (such as a drill or end mill), and a bed (the base on which the machine’s components are mounted). The workpiece is rotated by the chuck while the cutting tool is moved along the workpiece’s axis of rotation to remove material and create the desired shape.

CNC lathes can be used to produce a wide variety of parts, such as gears, shafts, and other components for automobiles, aircraft, and other machinery. They are also commonly used in the production of precision parts for the medical, aerospace, and electronics industries.

CNC lathes can be controlled using a variety of programming languages, such as G-code, which is the most commonly used language for CNC machines. Programs written in G-code provide the machine with instructions for controlling the movement of the cutting tool, including the speed, feed rate, and direction of movement.

Overall CNC Lathe is a automated machine tools which can do various operation from turning, boring, drilling, threading, knurling and many more, with the help of CNC controller which reads G-codes and drive the machine accordingly.