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What is CNC Angle Adjustable Guillotine Shears?

CNC Angle Adjustable Guillotine Shears are advanced industrial machines designed for cutting sheet metal and other materials with high precision. These machines are equipped with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, which automate the control of the shearing process, allowing for precise and repeatable cuts. Here’s a breakdown of the key components and features:

Key Components and Features

  1. Guillotine Shears:
    • Cutting Blade: The main cutting tool, typically a long, straight blade that moves vertically to shear the material.
    • Fixed Blade: A stationary blade against which the cutting blade shears the material.
    • Hold-Down Clamps: Clamps that hold the material in place during the cutting process to ensure accuracy and prevent movement.
  2. CNC System:
    • Control Panel: An interface where operators can input specifications, such as the cutting angle, length, and number of pieces.
    • Servo Motors: These motors precisely control the movement of the cutting blade and other components based on the programmed instructions.
    • Software: Advanced software that allows for the programming of complex cutting patterns and angles, ensuring high precision.
  3. Angle Adjustment:
    • Adjustable Blade Angle: The blade can be set at different angles relative to the material, allowing for angled cuts. This is particularly useful for creating specific shapes and profiles.
    • Back Gauge: A mechanism that positions the material correctly for each cut. It can be adjusted automatically to change the angle of the cut.


  1. Precision: The CNC system allows for highly accurate cuts, which is crucial for industries requiring tight tolerances.
  2. Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual adjustments and speeds up the cutting process.
  3. Flexibility: The ability to adjust the cutting angle and program various cutting patterns enhances the machine’s versatility.
  4. Consistency: CNC control ensures that each cut is identical to the previous one, ensuring consistent product quality.


CNC Angle Adjustable Guillotine Shears are used in various industries, including:

  • Automotive: For cutting sheet metal parts with precise angles.
  • Construction: For creating metal components used in buildings and infrastructure.
  • Manufacturing: In the production of appliances, machinery, and other metal products.
  • Aerospace: For cutting high-strength materials with precise specifications.


CNC Angle Adjustable Guillotine Shears combine the traditional shearing mechanism with advanced CNC technology to provide high precision, efficiency, and versatility in metal cutting operations. They are essential tools in modern manufacturing processes where accuracy and consistency are paramount.