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What is Broaching Machine?

A broaching machine is a type of machine tool that uses a cutting tool called a broach to remove material from a workpiece. The broach is a long, multi-toothed cutting tool that is guided along the surface of the workpiece, cutting away small amounts of material with each pass. Broaching machines are typically used to cut internal or external surfaces of parts, with various shapes and sizes, with great precision and efficiency.

Broaching machines can be broadly divided into two types: linear and rotary. Linear broaching machines are used for cutting straight or linear surfaces, while rotary broaching machines are used for cutting circular or curved surfaces. Linear broaching machines have a vertical press that moves up and down, with the broach being pulled through the workpiece, while rotary broaching machines rotate the workpiece and the broach is pushed into the workpiece.

One of the main advantages of broaching machines is their ability to produce precise, accurate cuts with minimal material waste. They can be used to cut complex shapes and tight tolerances, and they are well suited for working with materials that are difficult to machine, such as high-strength steel and other exotic alloys.

Broaching machines are widely used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery, where they are used to produce internal or external splines, keyways, and other similar shapes. They are also used in the production of gears, sprockets, and other types of mechanical components that require precise and accurate cuts.

Broaching machines can be operated manually