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What is Bed type Milling Machine?

A bed type milling machine is a type of machine tool that uses a vertical spindle and a fixed bed to mill and shape workpieces. The workpiece is placed on a stationary bed and the spindle, which is mounted on a movable knee, moves in the X, Y and Z directions to mill the workpiece. The bed type milling machine is known for its high rigidity, which allows for high precision milling and shaping of large and heavy workpieces.

The bed-type milling machine has a spindle mounted on a knee, which can move in the vertical direction, and a table that moves horizontally. This design allows for a high degree of stability and precision. Bed-type milling machines are typically used for large, heavy workpieces and are capable of performing a wide range of operations such as milling, drilling, boring and tapping.

They are suitable for heavy and large parts such as manufacturing of aircraft parts, automotive parts, ships and machine tools. Bed type milling machines can be further classified into planer-type, universal and vertical-spindle machines based on the position of the spindle. The machine can also be equipped with different types of milling cutters such as ball-nose endmills, to suit different operations and materials.

The bed type milling machine is a versatile machine, the high rigidity allows for high precision and accuracy in cutting and shaping large and heavy workpieces, and it is well suited for heavy and long-running production runs.