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What is 4-post Heated Platen Press ?

A 4-post heated platen press is a type of industrial machine used for applying heat and pressure to materials. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


  • The press has a four-post design, which provides stability and support for the pressing operation.


  • Platens are flat, heated surfaces that come into direct contact with the material being pressed. They can be made of various materials like steel and are capable of reaching high temperatures.


  • The platens are equipped with a heating element that allows for precise temperature control. This is crucial for various applications as different materials require specific heat settings for optimal results.


  • Most 4-post heated platen presses use hydraulics to generate pressing force. This force, measured in tons, can be precisely controlled to ensure consistent and efficient pressing.


4-post heated platen presses have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Laminating: bonding multiple layers of material together with heat and pressure.
  • Veneering: applying thin sheets of wood (veneer) to a core material.
  • Molding: shaping materials like thermoplastics into desired forms.
  • Composite manufacturing: creating composite parts by pressing layers of different materials.
  • Drying: removing moisture from materials by applying heat and pressure.


  • Uniform heat and pressure distribution for consistent results.
  • Precise temperature control for working with various materials.
  • Suitable for both lab and production environments.
  • Can be configured to meet specific requirements like pressure, temperature, and platen size.