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What are DMG MORI’s CNC Machine tools products?

DMG MORI is a global manufacturer of advanced machine tools, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tools. Some of their most popular product lines include:

  1. Lathes: DMG MORI offers a wide range of lathes, including turning centers, multitasking lathes, and high-precision machines for a variety of industries and applications.
  2. Milling machines: DMG MORI’s milling machines include high-precision, 5-axis machines for milling complex shapes in a single setup, as well as compact machines for small-scale production.
  3. High-Speed Cutting (HSC) machines: These machines are capable of cutting materials at high speeds and with high precision.
  4. Automation systems: DMG MORI offers a wide range of automation solutions, such as robotic systems, gantry loaders, and pallet changing systems, to increase productivity and streamline production processes.
  5. Software solutions: DMG MORI also offers a range of software solutions for programming, simulation, and data management.
  6. Additive Manufacturing: they also offer Lasertec series machines for Additive manufacturing and it’s combination with traditional manufacturing process

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and DMG MORI may have added or discontinued products over time, and some of their products may only be available in certain regions.