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What are CNC Sawing machines?

CNC sawing machines, also known as CNC band saws, are computer-controlled machines that are used to cut metal and other materials with precision and repeatability. They are commonly used in industries such as metal fabrication, machine shops, and aerospace manufacturing.

CNC sawing machines typically consist of a blade that is guided by rollers and a cutting table. The blade is made of high-speed steel or carbide and is able to cut through a wide range of materials including aluminum, brass, steel, titanium, and composites. The cutting table is typically made of cast iron or steel, and is designed to support the material being cut.

The CNC control system of the sawing machine allows the operator to input specific cutting parameters such as blade speed, blade feed rate, and cutting angle. The machine then uses these parameters to guide the blade and make precise cuts according to the programmed instructions.

CNC sawing machines can be programmed to cut a variety of shapes, including straight lines, circles, and complex geometric shapes. They can also be used to perform multiple cuts on a single piece of material, and can be integrated with other machines such as drilling or tapping machines to create finished products.

CNC sawing machines are versatile and efficient tool, they can be used to cut bar stock, tubing, extrusions, and more, and they can be used to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. They can also be integrated with automation equipment such as conveyors and material handling systems for high-volume production runs.