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UBE Machinery Inc.

The growth and commitment that led to the creation of UBE’s manufacturing and support facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, actually began back in 1978.

Then, parent company UBE Industries Ltd., (Ube City, Japan) formed UBE Industries (America) Inc. in New York to sell and service UBE machinery, and to market the company’s plastics, cement, and petrochemical products.

Subsequently, a branch office was established in Ann Arbor to service injection molding, die casting, and extrusion press machinery. Ann Arbor is a regional, high-tech center with a large skilled-labor pool available due to its proximity to the metropolitan Detroit area.

By 1992, the increase in production of automotive plastic components had accelerated UBE sales to a level that required an expansion of resources. The Michigan branch became an independent corporation, UBE Machinery Sales Inc. (UMS), and later that year UMS acquired its own facility to house sales and service offices and an extensive spare parts warehouse. In 1996, UMS became UBE Machinery Inc. (UMI). A new manufacturing facility was built in Ann Arbor to engineer, build, and support UBE machines.

In 2017, UBE Machinery Corp. Ltd (Ube City, Japan) acquired 85% stock in the injection molding machine division from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In North America, UMI began selling Mitsubishi injection molding machines. In 2020, UBE Machinery Corp. Ltd acquired 100% of the stock and in North America, UMI merged with the North American base of Mitsubishi establishing our UMI Chicago Office. This business integration has further enhanced the products, technologies and services of injection molding machines.

Today, the common belief of UMI’s sales, service, production specialists, and support staff is simple: the competitiveness, and ultimately the success, of our customers is enhanced by the quality and performance of the UBE production equipment they rely on. Thus, “Total Commitment to Our Customers” is our mandate. To sustain it, UBE is constantly improving existing plastic molding and metal casting technologies, as well as developing new technologies to meet the demands of an ever-changing manufacturing environment.

UBE Machinery manufactures the world’s most energy efficient and repeatable Injection Molding Machines in four platforms – ALL ELECTRIC – SERVO-HYDRAULIC TOGGLES – SERVO-HYDRAULIC TWO PLATEN – ELECTRIC TWO PLATEN

UBE Machinery produces the most energy efficient and repeatable Injection Molding Machines in the marketplace. All four platforms can be single injection or multiple injection for multiple colors or multiple materials. UBE Injection Molding Machines easily adapt to your many special processes or your custom application.