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Tungaloy Germany GmbH

Precision tools & clamping technology
Cutting tools
End millers
Toric cutters
Die sinking cutters
Slot millers
Form cutters
Surface milling tools
Shell mills
Shell mills / face cutting shell mills
Side and face cutters
Angular Cutters, keyseat cutters
Thread milling cutters
Threading dies
Gun drills
Boring bars
Inserts for turning
Indexable inserts for boring
Indexable Inserts for threading, turning
Indexable Inserts for threading, milling
Indexable inserts for grooving and parting
Under-cutting tools
Plunge cutting tools
Clamping holders, turning
Pinion-type shaper cutters (gear cutters)
Tooling devices
Boring and facing heads
Tooling systems
Tool systems, modular
Tool holder systems, modular
Tool holders
Tool holding fixtures
Automatic tool dispensers