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The Company 5X Group GmbH

The 5X Group GmbH from the industrial city of Remscheid in the Bergisches Land is a global provider of services and the sale of machine tools. Our focus is on German machines from the manufacturer DMG MORI with its sales brands Deckel Maho, Gildemeister and DMG MORI.

The company was founded in 2013 by Sven Kühner and has been continuously developed ever since. At the current company location at Walter-Freitag-Strasse 35 in Remscheid, we house our used machine exhibition, the retrofit center for machines and assemblies, a spare parts warehouse and our administration for all company areas on more than 2500m² of floor space.


For several years we have been proving our very special expertise in the field of machine accuracy on a daily basis. With the most modern measuring equipment and a lot of experience, we track down the specific problems on your machine and fix them. Whether turning-milling centers from the Gildemeister GMX series, 5-axis machining centers from all DMU/DMC and DMF series or 3-axis milling machines from the DMC V series. With us, your machine is in good and reliable hands and will soon be working again with the usual accuracy of a new machine.

In addition to individual repairs or the overhaul of entire assemblies, we also offer you the option of having your machine completely overhauled in our factory. Your lathe or milling machine will be completely disassembled and cleaned and completely rebuilt with new components. This type of overhaul is a particularly good choice when
a. There is not enough space or suitable lifting equipment in your facility to properly carry out an ambulatory repair.
b. The degree of wear and tear on your machine is so high that it would not be enough to just repair individual assemblies.
c. you would like to have your machine fit and reliable for another decade.
i.e. You want special upgrades, such as automation, new controls and the like.
We would be happy to advise you on this and invite you to visit our overhaul center in Remscheid.

Rotary and swivel axes
In our workshop we overhaul a large number of rotary tables, turning tables and swivel heads. For this purpose, the assemblies are completely disassembled, cleaned and measured. Freshly painted, the units are then rebuilt and adjusted with new components such as YRT precision bearings. We always work according to manufacturer specifications when it comes to complying with torques, belt frequencies and the like.
After our extensive repair, the axis is reinstalled in your machine and, taking into account all calibrations such as zero points, kinematics and others, is put into operation and approved together with you.

We exchange all linear guides on your machine tool. To do this, we first dismantle the old guides and then meticulously clean the contact surfaces. After the new rail systems have been installed, your machine will be completely measured and recorded together with you.
We reset the zero points and calibrate the kinematics as well as the measuring probe and BLUM laser systems. We also offer our customers the old craft of scraping. For this purpose, slide-guided machines are machined by hand with an accuracy of 0.001mm. We scrape surfaces, guides, plain bearing bushes, undercuts and other imaginable contours.

Defective ball screw drives, also known as ball screw spindles, are replaced quickly and inexpensively by us.
We train and train the most common types of assembly on a regular basis. Depending on the type of machine, ball screws must be stretched and aligned.
We know that and can professionally put our knowledge into practice.
In some cases it is worth not replacing a ball screw with a new component but having it overhauled. We will be happy to advise you on this and recommend appropriate specialist companies for the overhaul.
We always have ZKLF and DKLF standard bearings in our warehouse. We procure HTD timing belts in all formats overnight as express.

spindle service
Milling spindles and turning spindles are the heart of your machine tool. The accuracy and the surface quality of your workpieces stands and falls with the condition of your main spindle. We check the concentricity and the bearing play, determine the tightening force (in kN) of your milling spindle and can also measure and calibrate the unbalance of the spindles.
We offer you both 5XParts replacement spindles and optional customer-specific repairs.
Our replacement spindles are overhauled and are offered with a 24-month warranty. All functionally relevant components such as rotary unions, encoders, clamping systems, bearings, etc. are fundamentally renewed.
Since we offer our replacement spindles at fixed prices, you basically retain full cost control over the entire duration of the project.
If you decide to have your spindle repaired, it will undergo a detailed initial assessment. In addition to measuring all functional dimensions, this also includes crack tests in the cone, checking the windings and other necessary inspections.
After the initial diagnosis, you will receive an individual and cost-effective offer. We only offer you the spare parts that are really defective and use good parts again.
We then carry out the professional assembly of the new or overhauled spindle and accept it together with you. Our strict acceptance conditions then guarantee the highest processing results and a long service life.
During commissioning, our 5X service technicians recreate the tool positions, the spindle orientation and the kinematics on your machine and record this work in our acceptance report for main spindles.


Drive and measurement technology
You can buy defective power modules as well as control cards and power packs from Siemens or Heidenhain as well as glass scales, rotary encoders, encoders and other direct measuring systems from us in exchange or have them professionally repaired by express. We carry the common Simodrive and Sinamics E/R as well as LT modules, Heidenhain UM, UV and UVR modules as well as measuring systems from the Heidenhain RON, RCN, LC481 series and others. Servo motors or drive motors are overhauled by our partner within 24 hours.

Heidenhain TNC 426 – TNC 640
We offer error diagnostics on all Heidenhain controls from the TNC 426 PB to the current TNC 640.
We supply new CC and MC assemblies and put them into operation.
We also install SSD hard drives for you to increase the performance of your controller.
We can procure and install keyboards and monitors.

Siemens 840D
We offer error diagnostics on all 840D generations (MMC100 to date)
We deliver new NCU as well as PCU and MMC assemblies and put them into operation.
We also install SSD hard drives for you to increase the performance of your controller.
You can buy keyboards and monitors from us and have them installed by us.
For complex error diagnostics we work with Siemens Starter.

OMRON tool changer
DMG MORI milling machines from the Seebach manufacturing plant have been equipped with OMRON tool changers for a number of years.
These changers have their own drives, which cannot simply be exchanged in the event of damage. We can read out the systems and reinstall them with special hardware and software and put them into operation.

Profibus diagnostics
We specialize in the field of Profibus diagnostics. If there’s a bug in your system, we’ll find it. A special procedure was developed for diagnosing rare, sporadic faults. Some spare parts are located in the emergency vehicle or are procured and installed at short notice.

General electronics errors
Of course we will start looking for “normal” electronic errors for you.
Common faults on DMG MORI machines are, for example, defective Euchner door switches and Schmersal door switches, PILZ PNOZ multi-emergency stop modules, cable breaks in trailing cables and control panels, defective Heidenhain glass scales and Heidenhain rotary encoders, damaged Visiport or RotoClear viewing windows or quite simply fancy lighting. All of these errors are known to us and can be professionally corrected at short notice.


Before your machine tool is dismantled, your machine will be measured geometrically on request. We position the axes in the transport position and secure them according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the forthcoming machine transport. Your NC and PLC data are backed up and archived on our server. Cables, hoses and individual parts are labeled and packaged using our ingenious system, so that our customers’ fitters around the world are able to reassemble the machines. As a matter of principle, we rely on the manufacturer’s instructions in our approach and always procure suitable axle locks.

deployment and loading
Lifting and deploying, as well as transporting even the largest machines and systems, is the daily business of our transport experts. From hydraulic jacks to air lifting bags, from electric forklifts to indoor mobile cranes, we have a very large arsenal of “loading weapons”. From the small CNC milling machine to the 100 to heavy machining center, we are the right service partner.

We have our own fleet of trucks for machine transport. Our trucks are designed and equipped for the machine transport of sensitive and large machine tools. Our transports take place entirely on covered vehicles to protect your cargo from rain, moisture and other environmental influences. Our modern vehicles are certified to the EURO 5 and EURO 6 emissions standard and can therefore also be driven in city centers thanks to their low pollutant emissions.

setup and start-up
We put your machine tool into operation worldwide. Whether monoblock, i.e. one-piece machines or, as shown, large systems, which are dismantled into their individual parts for transport. Our technicians have a very high level of experience and skill to assemble even the largest and most complicated systems in the field of lathes and milling machines. We align your machines with the help of high-precision spirit levels. We align special DMG MORI series such as the CTX TC, DMF, GMX and others with digital Leveltronic spirit levels according to the manufacturer’s protocol. We then install all peripheral devices such as coolant systems, chip conveyors, extraction systems, bar loading magazines and more. Your machine is completely geometrically measured and the result is recorded. BLUM – tool laser, Infrared buttons and wireless buttons are calibrated according to specifications. Finally, we reset all zero points and the kinematics on your machine and hand over your machine to you in manufacturer quality.

mobile crane
Thanks to our special crane, a so-called V-Kart or electric crane from the manufacturer Valla Type 330E, we can dismantle and assemble machines in the tightest of spaces. The crane is particularly suitable for the assembly of vertical lathes, boring mills, portal milling machines and similar multi-part systems. With a maximum lifting capacity of 33 tons and a telescopic mast length of 10 m, even very large systems can be installed quickly and effectively without a mast. This pick-and-carry crane is electrically powered and is therefore emission-free and very quiet. In addition to using it in our projects, you can also rent the crane with drivers for your own projects on a daily basis.


Geometric survey
We carry out complete geometric measurements on CNC turning and milling machines as well as on 5-axis machining centers on request. Depending on the machine type, we use original manufacturer protocols or specially developed 5X protocols. Any tool interfaces and machine types can be covered thanks to our extensive range of measuring tools .

Renishaw QC20 circularity test
With our Renishaw circularity test, the exact condition of the ball screws and their bearings can be determined and evaluated. In addition, we can also make specific statements about the control behavior of your machine and often optimize it right away.

Are you interested in buying a used machine tool, but don’t want to buy a pig in a poke? We follow your favorite machine around the world and evaluate it professionally for you. Many dealers and end customers already trust in our expertise. We have been able to save many a bad purchase or an overpriced machine. Since we deal exclusively with machine tools, our reports are absolutely fair, market-oriented and transparent.


maintenance cycle
Regular maintenance for your machine is essential if you value high machine availability. The maintenance interval is usually determined by the manufacturer of your machine. Alternatively, we offer you to coordinate individual maintenance intervals with you, taking into account the type of processing you are doing. We will then be happy to conclude a maintenance contract with you, from which you will benefit in particular because you will be reminded of the intervals and receive cheaper service rates.

rotary unions
If your machine has an IKZ system, the built-in rotary union (DDF) must also be replaced at the specified interval. Any negligence in this area can have very expensive consequences, which would directly affect the main spindle. For this reason we have all common systems of the brands Deublin, BlackBoy, OTT and Röhm in stock and can be delivered to you immediately.

Operating materials and lubricants
All operating materials such as HLP 46 hydraulic oil, fluid grease 000 or slideway oils according to the CLP68/220 standard are checked by us and topped up or replaced if necessary.
In addition to the lubricants, we also check the condition of your spindle cooler. Our technicians bring Glysantin G48, Tyfocor or similar radiator protection media to a maintenance appointment and can top them up immediately if necessary.
In our online shop you can reorder high-quality equipment at any time.

In addition to simple air filter mats for switching cabinet cooling, if your machine tool has a long service life, it is particularly important that you have the activated carbon filters for the sealing air, laser system and other peripherals replaced regularly. In addition, we strongly recommend that our customers replace the oil filter every year.

We supply wipers either as a fitting molded part or alternatively as cheap bulk goods from our online shop.
In addition to the usual wiper profiles, you will also find brushes from the MINK-Brushes brand.
Rubber hardens or cracks over the years. A scraper damaged in this way can cause serious damage to the machine because it can no longer hold back chips, dust, water and oils.