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Storebro Industrier AB – The Company in Sweden

Storebro Industry AB was established in 1991 by Hans Åhsgren after the closure of Storebro Machine Tools ( former Storebro Bruks ). The new company acquired the right to produce all manual Storebro machine tools.  Since then the business has mainly turned to the reconditioning of machine tools, manufacturing and stockholding of spare parts, and the sales and service of new and old machine tools.

When it comes to reconditioning of midsized machinetools we are the largest company in Sweden today. Acquisition of different machine tool brands has included many of the most well-known Swedish machine tool brands. Lathes account for approximately half of our reconditioning business with the remainder on milling and grinding machines respectivly.


The famous range of modern Storebro machine tools consist of the following types. All these are restored regularly.

Storebro GK 195
Centre height/distance
195/1000-2000 mm
Storebro GS 210/260
Centre height/distance
210,260/1000-2000 mm

Storebro SB 255/305/355-N
Centre height/distance
255, 305, 355 ( 410 ) / 1500-6000 mm
Spindle bore up to 310 mm.
Storebro Combi Mill
Horizontal and vertical milling machine
Working area , lengt/cross/vertical
470/150/775 mm.

Storebro MPS 450
Surface grinder.
Working area, lengt/cross/vertical
450/190/22 mm.

ABENE Founded in 1938 under the name AB E N Eklunds Mekaniska verkstad Founder and owner was Ellas Napoleon Eklund The company was the company in Stockholm Already in 1942 series production of ABENE milling machines was started and the first year 54 were produced To date more than 8,000 ABENE machine tools have been delivered all over the world The machines was sold under the name ABENE and the company name was soon changed to the same.
In 1961, the company was divided into two parts, Montering. sales and technical department In Stockholm. The production of all parts was localized to Valdemarsvik. a smaller community on the east coast. approx. 250 km south of Stockholm. In the early 80s, it was decided to gather the entire operation in Valdemarsvik, which in recent times was the place where the machines were final assembled and checked before delivery until the bankruptcy in July 2020. After the bankruptcy of Abene Machines, all spare parts and documentation were moved to VEMU’s facility in Ulricehamn. Where future operations are to be conducted.