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From a one-man operation to a global player

The SEMA Group from Traunkirchen has been developing and manufacturing machine tools for 30 years. The product range extends from series and special machines for metalworking to fully automated production lines. But how did it all come about?

How the one-man design office became a global player with a worldwide sales network…

1988 Adolf Schacherleitner buys a drawing board and, as a design engineer, plans machines for various customers.
1989 A few months later, the decision is made not to leave it at drawing. The company moves to Gmunden and now also builds designed machines itself. Two employees are involved from the beginning. The first machine is the SEMA stapling machine followed by the first processing machine.
1991 SEMA exhibits at the ROBOT. The first trade fair appearance is a success.
1993 The old brickworks in Traunkirchen is bought, renovated and immediately made into the new location in 1994. SEMA, which by the way stands for Schacherleitner Elektronik Maschinenbau, continues to grow.
1995 SEMA becomes an apprenticing company and now trains young machine builders.
1996 The first new assembly hall is completed and the company moves into it. The basic structure is still the same today.
1998 Ten years after its foundation, SEMA now has 30 employees.
2000 The millennium brings ISO 9001/2000 certification.
2001 Space quickly becomes scarce. An extension of the production area is the order of the day.
2003 “Hall 3” is already on its way. SEMA Präzisionsteile is founded.
2004 SEMA takes over the BRIO brand.
2007 With the new machine concept HDC, SEMA takes the first step also towards standard machines and modular construction.
2008 SEMA now employs over 100 people and celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2011 After successful expansion, the new hall complex is opened, doubling the production area to 7,500 m².
2014 Ceremonial opening of the new training workshop and expansion of the production area to almost 9,000 m².
2016 Installation of a photovoltaic system with 800m² and 90 kW peak power.
2017 Ten years after standardisation, SEMA’s product range has developed strongly. The new machine series (rotary transfer, and end machining) are increasingly in demand alongside special machines, automation solutions and the in-house component brand.
2018 In the anniversary year (30 years of SEMA), the Traunkirchen site is expanded again. Almost 200 employees are now working on almost 12,000 m² of floor space.
2019 Award for excellent apprenticeship training INEO Award.
Award Charter – “We give the future” Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Economy.
2020 Training partner of the Technical Secondary School and Polytechnic School in Gmunden.
2021 New logistics concept with specially developed tool dispensing system Heidi Tool Box.
And new machining centre – expansion of production capacity and increase in quality.
2022 Photovoltaic system expansion – Our entire system produces so much electricity that we can cover a large part of the sustainable power supply. With 500 kW peak we cover 60% of our total consumption. Our electricity has been 100% green for years.


Our MC Solutions are highly efficient machining centers for the production of complex parts: drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing, deburring … we combine your needs at minimized cycle times and high flexibility.

Especially for medium-size productions, or for mass productions with variable lot sizes: the custom-built machines from SEMA Machine Tools are the ideal solution for short cycle times and high flexibility! Drilling and milling machines are designed entirely according to the individual requirements. 

The cycle time is reduced by either multi-sided complete machining of the work piece without re-clamping or, the simultaneous machining of multiple parts, or by using a revolving table for loading and unloading in parallel with the machining time.

Chaining and integration of diverse machining processes all the way to complete turnkey solutions! SEMA Machine Tools offer a wide range of solutions, which can be noticed in the range of different work pieces that have already been manufactured using machine tools from SEMA.


  • D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)Complete Deburring – with a stand-alone machine or a process-integrated solution!
  • Turning, Milling, Sawing (MC)Turning, Milling, Sawing (MC)Excellence in Complex Turning, Milling and Sawing Tasks
    ++ Smooth gear milling / gear hobbing
    ++ Combination of turning and milling processes
    ++ Customized processes – tailored to your needs
  • Deep Hole Drilling (MC)Deep Hole Drilling (MC)Excellence in Deep Hole Drilling
    ++ Minimized cycle times by the use of rotary tables and multiple machining units
    ++ Flexible tool requirements
    ++ Minimum lubrication technology

Rotary Transfer Machines – MULTI TRANSFER (MT)

SEMA’s MULTI TRANSFER SERIES are modular rotary transfer machines for high-volume machining of complex parts.

Drilling, reaming, milling, lathing, threading, sawing, grinding, bending, beading, punching, broaching, embossing, rolling, forming, marking, assembling, cleaning, packing and deburring … combine your machining requirements in one efficient system.

When is a rotary transfer machine the best option?

  • When high productivity is needed
  • When the guarantee of a smooth process is needed. Our sophisticated modules create such smoothness, even with complex machining tasks.
  • When convenience at maximum operation is desired by easy access to interior elements to minimize set-up time
  • When high flexibility at short cycle time is needed. This is realized with horizontal and vertical positioning of machining units.
  • When retooling for different work pieces is needed


    Max Precision with Decoupled Work Piece Carriers
    ++ Replication at a high rate at less than 3 μm
    ++ Turning, milling, drilling, threading
    ++ 12 / 16 or 20 stations
    High Efficiency and Compact Layout
    ++ parallel three-directional machining
    ++ drilling, milling, threading, facing
    ++ 6-sided processing feasible
  • MULTI TRANSFER: X-SeriesMULTI TRANSFER: X-SeriesMaximized Flexibility by Modular Design++ parallel two-directional machining
    ++ turning, milling, drilling, threading
    ++ 8 to 12 machining stations
    ++ parallel multi-directional machining of multiple parts
    ++ turning, milling, drilling, threading and customized machining
  • D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)Complete Deburring – with a stand-alone machine or a process-integrated solution!


The ME Series of SEMA Machine Tools are modular end facing machines for processing axle- and shaft-shaped workpieces. Drilling, reaming, milling, lathing or threading … SEMA Machine Tools offer the right solutions for your end machining needs.

Reasons to use End Facing Machines from SEMA:

  • Efficient and inexpensive
  • One or multiple stations available
  • One end or both ends can be machines
  • Sophisticated modules guarantee stable production
  • Easy to automate (sawing process, loading, etc.)

Machine Types – MULTI END SERIES (ME)

  • MULTI END: X-SeriesMULTI END: X-Series Highest Flexibility by Modular Design.++ Parallel two-directional end machining
    ++ Turning, milling, drilling, threading, facing
  • MULTI END: SPECIALMULTI END: SPECIAL Special End Machining Solutions
    ++ Maximum machining performance
    ++ Work piece-based machine layout
    ++ For complex work piece dimensions
  • D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)D-Series: Deburring (MT / ME / MC / MH)Complete Deburring – with a stand-alone machine or a process-integrated solution!