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OCEAN MACHINE Präzisionsgraviermaschinen GmbH

Ocean Machine is one of Chinas leading manufacturers of high-precision CNC machining centers. The company supplies various customers with high-quality products for more than 10 years. Ocean Machine is particularly established in the smartphone industry.

CNC-Machines by Ocean are the first choice in case of high-precision manufacturing. The basic components of the machines are made of high-quality Chinese granite stone. For this reason, the company guarantees reliable products with a high level of stability. The thinnest glass that can be processed is 3 mm and is machined with an accuracy of +/- 0,02 mm.

The product portfolio of Ocean Machine is complemented by support services. The company’s work does not end with setting up an production plant! Through the branch in Dortmund, Germany Ocean Machine is able to work more efficently and closer on their customers.