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Mayr Antriebstechnik

Never compromise on safety
mayr ® power transmission is one of the most traditional and yet most innovative German companies in the field of power transmission. From modest beginnings in 1897 to worldwide market leaders – the family-run business from the Allgäu region can look back on more than 100 years of success.

We make no compromises where safety is concerned. Only top products of a perfect quality guarantee that no people are injured or machines damaged in case of operational malfunctions, collisions and other hazardous situations. The safety of your employees and machines is our motivation to always provide the best and most reliable torque limiters, shaft couplings or safety brakes.

mayr ® power transmission holds numerous ground-breaking patents, and is the global market or technological leader for

– Application-optimised safety brakes, for example for passenger elevators, stage technology and gravity loaded axes
– Torque limiters to protect against expensive overload damage and production losses 
– Backlash-free servo couplings
– and electronic devices for brakes and clutches

The wide-ranging product portfolio for our renowned company also includes
– Backlash-free shaft couplings
– Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
– High-quality DC drives.

Torque limiters and Couplings
Clutch brake combinations
Electronic components
Electric motors


Brakes from mayr® power transmission are used in many applications. We distinguish between two product families:

  • Spring-applied safety brakes. They operate according to the fail-safe principle and are closed (brake on) in the de-energised state. Spring-applied brakes are primarily designed as holding brakes but are also suitable for emergency stops and, depending on the design, can also be used for dynamic braking.
  • Energise to Engage brakes. These apply torque when the brake is powered and are open (brake off) when the current is switched off. They are not classed as safety brakes. The electromagnetic brakes are particularly suitable for precise positioning and reliable stopping up to their wear limit.

Torque limiters and Couplings

Couplings from mayr® power transmission ensure reliable torque transmission and safely limit forces and torques.

The shaft couplings connect shafts in the power train and compensate for misalignments. Depending on the design, they are either rigid or flexible.

The mayr® torque limiting clutches reliably limit torques and forces and thus prevent damage to the power train. Overload is therefore no longer a risk for the drive – the torque limiting clutches are the airbag for the machine.

Electromagnetic clutches are electrically switchable machine elements that are primarily designed for clocked processes and for positioning.

Clutch brake combinations

The electromagnetic clutch brake unit generates cyclic operation by alternately clutching and braking. The driving machine runs through constantly. Clutch/brake combined units from mayr® power transmission guarantee high cycle rates. The housing is completely enclosed and fits standardised motors and gearboxes. With clutch/brake combined units from mayr® power transmission, many different installation positions can be realised.

The patented self-adjustment ensures exact positioning during the entire service life. This eliminates maintenance work and the associated interruptions in the operating sequence.

Electronic components

The supply and monitoring modules from mayr® power transmission harmonise perfectly with ROBA-stop® safety brakes, ROBATIC®electromagnetic clutches, ROBA®-quick brakes and ROBA®-takt clutch-brake units. They can also be used with linear solenoids, valves or DC solenoid coils.

Electric motors

DC motors from mayr® power transmission offer reliable, precise operation even under high loads: The DC drives and servo motors were developed to guarantee long service life with minimum maintenance requirements. mayr®DC drives and servo motors are used in automation technology, machining operations and in elevator technology. The mayr® designs can be optimised for the application by altering th