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How can we categorize Printing Equipment And Printing Machines?

Printing equipment and machines can be categorized in a number of ways, including:

  1. By printing technology: Different types of printing equipment and machines use different technologies, such as offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, flexography, and letterpress.
  2. By format: printing equipment can be categorized by the size of the materials they can print on, such as small format (business cards, brochures), medium format (posters, banners), and large format (billboards, building wraps)
  3. By application: printing equipment can be categorized by the types of materials they are used to print on, such as paper, cardstock, fabric, metal, and plastic.
  4. By printing process: such as single side or double side printing, flatbed or roll-to-roll printing, single pass or multi-pass printing, and so on.
  5. By intended use, such as commercial, industrial or personal printing
  6. By automation level, such as manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  7. By manufacturer or brand
  8. By capability, such as printing speed, resolution, color range and so on.

Some Printing Equipment And Printing Machine Categories :
3D Printers
3D Scanners
Book Binding
Book sewing machines
CTF (computer to film)
CTP (computer to plate)
Collators and Gatherers
Die Cutters
Digital printing
Envelope production and printing
Flatbed Digital Cutting Tables & Plotters
Flexographic printing
Folding machines
Hot Stamping
Label printing
Large Wide Format Printers
Mail Folding & Inserting Machines
Offset press
Pad printing
Paper Drilling
Perfect Binders
Plate Punch and Benders
Polywrapping and Inserting
Rotary printing
Rotogravure printing
Saddle Stitchers
Screen printing
Sheet-fed press
Three-knife Trimmers
Web-fed press