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Anderson Europe – The Company in Germany

We combine Cutting Edge Technology with conservative Values

We develop and manufacture CNC-controlled precision machine tools for the international market. We reach physical limits, follow visionary objectives and more often than not enter uncharted technical territory. We cooperate with customers and suppliers on the basis of partnership. A handshake is for us a seal.

Experts with strong backing

We meticulously refine the precision machining of ceramics, non-ferrous metals, tool steels and plastics. Being a team of experts, we act fully independently at our location in Detmold, Germany. And as a 100% subsidiary of the globally positioned ANDERSON GROUP, we have a financially strong partner at our side.

CNC Technology
HSC Milling
Micro Drilling
Milling Applications
Technical Digital Print

High-Speed Precision without Cooling
Most heat occurring during the metal cutting process is not generated by separation of the structure but while the separated material is formed into the geometry typical of millings. In high-speed cutting (HSC), however, the cutting speed is higher than the conductivity of the material. The millings are thus separated before their heat re-enters the material.

Work pieces and tools remain cold during the machining process so that no cooling lubrication is required.


High surface quality
Reduction of cutting forces so that micro structures are obtained
Very high precision by minimising vibrations
Cooling is not necessary, therefore
no processing of coolants required
no costs for disposal of coolants
no additional expenditure for machine cleaning
no alkaline interactions*

Precision Machining for Adapter Manufacture
Precision requirements are particularly high in the printed circuit board industry. Multi-layer boards, for instance, must be drilled down to exactly the right depth to ensure vertical interconnect access (via). The drill hole diameter must be as small as 0.1 mm and the drilling depth in the order of micrometres. This calls for low-vibration machine concepts, high-precision drive elements, accurate tool measurements, including a correction option, and continuous monitoring of the parameters. Especially in depth drilling, one unknown factor plays an important role: the varying height of workpieces. The clamped workpiece may show height tolerances which even the most precise machines cannot compensate or, if so, only using complex and time-consuming measuring methods.

Anderson has developed a reliable and fast system especially designed for depth drilling which is integrated into the fully automatic manufacturing processes. Variable-pressure downholders with an integrated differential measurement system ensure that the actual workpiece height is measured prior to every drilling operation. The actual height is redetermined every time as a reference value, which is taken into consideration by the machining programme. In our opinion this is as precise and practicable as one can get.

Experience + Know-How + Interest = Your Solution
We need challenges. We develop solutions in terms of technology, methods and economic efficiency based on the customer’s objectives. Because we identify ourselves with the targets. We analyse the overall conditions and influencing factors. We take into account existing or planned peripheral systems relevant for the achievement of objectives and coordinate our ideas with the customer and our partner companies. Only this consistent project planning allows for the development of machines which fulfil the required tasks and take economic aspects into consideration at the same time.

Anderson Europe offers with the DieJet a very compact Direct To Plate solution for technical printing demands on flat materials.
By the use of the DieJet machine allows an economic production which provides lots of benefits for the future.

The DieJet is an industrial precision flatbed digital inkjet printer which allows an efficient manufacturing through the use of UV light curable ink directly onto sheet material.

Key Features:

Working table dimension: 1275 mm x 1300 mm
Maximum thickness of workpiece: 15 mm
work table is made of CPL-layer material
split-axis servo system with two-sided independent (gantry) drives
direct precision encoder systems for axis positioning
Monitored system with independent vacuum clamping areas