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ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH

ACSYS is your professional solution provider for industrial laser systems.

Whether a standard laser machine or a customized solution. Customer value is the central element during the selection of a suitable machine configuration.

From a wide range of industrial laser machines, starting with the laser table system OYSTER up to the laser machining center ORCA, the ACSYS engineers select the best solution together with the customer.

For the optimal fulfillment of customers assignment of tasks, all machines can be configured modular and supplemented with special modules.

Market-focused dynamics of development and a high-motivated team make ACSYS Lasertechnik to a well-known supplier of modern laser equipment technology.

Numerous considerable customers in Germany, Europe and overseas appreciate the partnership co-operation and core competency of the enterprise.

Laser systems for material processing

Laser systems
Laser marking
Laser engraving
Laser cutting
Laser welding
Laser digitizing

Industry solutions
Automotive industry
Tool industry
Minting industry
Watch and jewelry industry
Mold and die production
Medical technology
Plastics industry
Measuring technology
Service providers

Customized solutions
PIRANHA Dual-laser and automation
BARRACUDA with Roll-On Automation
PIRANHA “Quadro” rotary table
PIRANHA tag feeder
BARRACUDA tool expert
SHARK multi-position dial workstation
PIRANHA with air conditioning unit
PIRANHA Foil handling
SHARK rotary table
BARRACUDA Plastic welding
PIRANHA One-Piece-Flow
PIRANHA with gripper system
PIRANHA Dual-head system
BARRACUDA foil handling
BARRACUDA Precision with granite table
BARRACUDA Dual-laser system
SHARK Dual-laser and drawer solution
PIRANHA rotary table solution
BARRACUDA Drawer solution with OPR
BARRACUDA Automation, OPR and robot gripper
BARRACUDA Automation and light barrier
BARRACUDA Automation and Robotics
PIRANHA Laser welding with dividing head
PIRANHA Cable automat
PIRANHA Multishift
BARRACUDA Rim processing
PIRANHA with Robot gripper and Automation