Yeni Weni 3015G 3000W Raycus – 2020 Model


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WS 3015G – 3000x1500mm – 3000W – Raycus

Weni Solution SERIES 3015G – Laser cutter model with an open table with a working area of ​​3000x1500mm and power up to 6000W. All axles are driven by Schneider servo motors, which are characterized by high accuracy and durability. The device has an efficient laser, auto focus, stable CypCut software with NESTING function (automatic optimization of project placement on the material), dual cooling system, voltage stabilizer, lubrication system and dust extraction system. By using a construction with a significant reduction of vibrations, the G series is characterized by high stiffness, stability and resistance to shocks, and the processed materials retain the set parameters. Model 3015G, as the flagship WENI fiber laser and as one of the most popular, is available on our stock, so the waiting time for delivery is significantly shorter. Model 3015G is the basic series of our fiber cutters, targeted at customers with medium-volume production.

All WENI SOLUTION devices are built based on the experience gained and only on proven components of renowned manufacturers. In combination with restrictive quality control, they result in the precision and reliability of our devices. The production is based on the ISO 9001 standard together with the whole process supervised by the quality department R & D CENTER, thanks to which we give a 5-year warranty on our products. Professional service throughout Europe will take care of systematic reviews, which translates into long and trouble-free operation. We also provide technical and post-warranty support, and in case of failure, a quick service response. We take care of our references and are proud of every device we provide.

Price includes:

The new Raycus 3015G-3000W fiber laser
up to 5-year warranty
2 service inspections (territory PL, CZ)
voltage stabilizer
delivery, installation, training
instructions PL / EN
quick delivery

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