Mazak VTC 200B – 2001 Model


Stokta kalmasa da sipariş verilebilir


Axis X 1120 mm
Axis Y 510 mm
Axis Z 510 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Type of CNC Fusion 640M
Table length 1460 mm
Table width 510 mm
Number of tool pockets 24
Spindle taper ISO40
Max. spindle speed 10000 rpm
Spindle motor power 15 kW
Hours under power 30000 hours

Axis x (strokes) 1120
Y axis (strokes) 510
Axis z (strokes) 510
Width of the table (table) 1460
Length of the table (table) 510
Spindle connection (spindle) ISO40

Number of tools (atc magazine) 24
Spindle speed (main spindle) 10,000
Spindle motor power 15 KW
Pressure (refrigerant) 15 BAR

Rapid traverse x-axis (rapid traverse) 30 m / min
Rapid movement of the y axis (rapid movement) 30 m / min
Rapid movement of the z-axis (rapid movement) 30 m / min
Fusion 640M control unit
Power on hours 30,000