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What is Pocket Carousel Plate spare parts on CNC Machines?

The term “Pocket Carousel Plate” in the context of CNC machines likely refers to a spare part or component used in the tool changer system of certain CNC machines. CNC machines with automatic tool changers employ a carousel mechanism to store and retrieve various cutting tools during machining operations.

The pocket carousel plate is a crucial part of the tool changer system. It is a plate or disc that contains pockets or slots where the cutting tools are securely held. These pockets or slots are arranged in a circular pattern to form the carousel. The pocket carousel plate rotates to position the desired tool in alignment with the spindle, allowing for quick tool changes.

When a tool change is initiated, the tool changer system moves the pocket carousel plate to the appropriate position so that the selected tool can be released or inserted into the spindle. The pocket carousel plate ensures precise and reliable positioning of the tools and enables efficient tool changes, reducing downtime between machining operations.

If the pocket carousel plate becomes damaged or worn out over time, it may need to be replaced as a spare part. Replacement pocket carousel plates are typically available from the machine manufacturer or authorized distributors as part of their spare parts inventory.

It’s important to consult the documentation or contact the manufacturer of your specific CNC machine model to obtain accurate and specific information about the pocket carousel plate spare part, including its part number, compatibility, installation procedures, and any other relevant details.