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What is Chip Conveyor?

A chip conveyor, also known as a chip removal system, is a device that is used to remove chips (small pieces of metal) and debris generated during the machining process. It is commonly used in machine tools such as CNC lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines.

Chip conveyors typically consist of a conveyor belt or chain that is used to transport the chips and debris away from the machine tool. The chips and debris are collected in a chip tray or a chip hopper, which is located at the end of the conveyor. From there, they can be removed manually or transported to a central collection point for further processing or disposal.

Chip conveyors can be classified into two main types: scraper conveyors and chip auger conveyors. Scraper conveyors use a series of scrapers to push the chips and debris along the conveyor, while chip auger conveyors use a auger-like device to move the chips and debris along the conveyor.

Chip conveyors are used to improve the cleanliness of the machine shop and to prevent chips and debris from clogging up the machine tool and interfering with the machining process. They also help to prevent damage to the machine tool by removing the chips and debris from the cutting area, allowing the tool to move freely and preventing any damage to its parts.

Chip conveyors also help to reduce labor costs by automating the chip removal process and reducing