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Max wheel Gear Ø 400 mm
Module + 8
Max spindle speed 500 rpm
Max gear width 310 mm
Length x width x height 4680.0 × 2395.0 × 2515.0
Weight 6200 kg

Technical data
Working capacity: max. diameter 400 mm
max. module 8
max. width of the gear wheel 310 mm
Min. 6
Axes distance between work-
piece and tool:
min. 20 mm
max 290 mm
Diam. 400 mm clamping table
Diameter of the table drill 80 mm
Diameter of the shaft of the workpiece 36 mm
Milling stroke 310 mm
Gear hob:
max. diameter 160 mm
min. diameter 160 mm
Max. strawberry mover. 120/126 mm
Milling cut speeds:
from 80 turns
up to 500 rpm
axial from 0,4 mm / r
up to 7.5 mm / r
radial starting from 0.63 mm / r
up to 0.315 mm / r
tangential of 0.16 mm / r
up to 3.0 mm / r
Voltage 50 Hz 3x 220 Volt
Total power required 19 HP
Machine weight about 6200 kg
Overall dimensions machine:
Length 4680 mm
Width 2395 mm
Height 2515 mm

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