AXA VCC 1200 – 2012 Model

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Axis X 1200 mm
Axis Y 600 mm
Axis Z 700 mm
Rotary table (4th axis) no
Length x width x height 3300.0 × 2300.0 × 2700.0
Weight 9000 kg

year of manufacture: 2012

Technical data in general:

Total length: 3300 m
Total width: 2300 m
Overall height: 2700 mm
Weight: 9 t
Connection voltage: 3x400V / 230V / N / PE 50 HZ
Connection power: 55 kVA
Input protection: max. 100 A
Control voltage: 24 V

X-axis stroke: 1200 mm
Y-axis travel: 600 mm
Z-axis travel: 700 mm
Automatic sliding doors: –
Safety hinge: –
Color: RAL7035, RAL7015

Tool change:
Type: side tray with 22
Milling tool shank: HSK 63 DIN 69893-1
Number of milling tools. 30

Maximum tool dimensions:
Max. tool diameter for normal magazine mounting: 85 mm
Max. tool diameter at adjacent adjacent position: 135 mm
Max. tool length L: 400 mm
Max. tool weight for L = 400 mm: 5.5 kg
Max. tool weight for L = 200 mm: 8 kg
Total weight of the feeder: 10 Kg

Drives, measuring systems of the machine with movable stand:
Ball screw X-axis: Bosch-Rexroth 1510-5-3471 Ø 50 x 20 x 2450
Ball screw Y axis: Bosch-Rexroth 1510-4-5103 Ø 40 x 20 x 980
Ball screw Z-axis: Bosch-Rexroth 1510-4-4811 Ø 40 x 10 x 1190
Ball screw tool change:
X-axis measuring system: Heidenhain LC 183 1840 ML
Y-axis measuring system: Heidenhain LC 183 640 ML
Z-axis measuring system: Heidenhain LC 183 740 ML
B-axis measuring system: –
RTA – measuring system: –
Main spindle:
Engine: DME 112 AL – 4FGS (Kessler)
Spindle design: Hollow shaft motor, water cooled
Speed range: 30-12000 min -1
Spindle taper: HSK 63 DIN 69893-1

Main spindle drive 110:
Drive type: AC – hollow shaft motor
Max. torque at 40% ED: 143.2 Nm
Max. torque at 100% ED: 95.5 Nm
Max. power at 40% ED: 30.0 kW
Max. power at 100% ED: 20.0 kW
Nominal speed Nn: 2000 rpm
Permissible speed range: 30-12000 rpm
Drives feed of main axes of machine with movable stand:
X-axis: 1 FK7083-5AF71-1AG0 (Siemens)
Y-axis: 1 FK7083-5AF71-1AG0 (Siemens)
Z-axis: 1 FK7083-5AF71-1AH0 (Siemens)
Tool change drives:

Replacement – Hopper Drive: 1 FK7044-7AF71-1GA0 (Siemens)
Transfers of major axes:
X-axis: l = 100/44 (v = 25m / min)
Y-axis: l = 88/36 (v = 25m / min)
Z-axis: l = 1: 1
Axis B: –
Manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic systems:
Hydraulic system: HYDAC
Pneumatic system: FESTO
Passport filtration equipment:
Manufacturer: AXA – Maschinem – Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG KG
Type: FA 25, FA 38
Filter performance: 100 dm3/ min, 150 dm 3/ min
Filter area: 25 dm2, 38 dm2
External tank capacity: 400 l
Serial Number: 166734-1
Filter equipment engine and transmission:
Type: FCA63B-6 P030 63B14 90
Type: Asynchronous motor with worm gear
Engine power: 0.12 kW
Output speed: 11.12 rpm
Conversion: 80: 1
Voltage: 380-420 V
Rated current: 0.6 A
Frequency. 50 Hz
Grundfos Coolant Pump:
Type: MTR3-33 / 33 X-W-AHUUV
Model: A37851317P31236
Frequency: 50 Hz
Speed: 2902 rpm
Nominal liquid transported: 3 m3/throw
Chip conveyor:
Type: FSB 300
Nominal width: 300 dm3/ min
Chain division: 38.1 mm
Transported goods: short to medium length chips, ball of chips up to Ø 150 mm
Delivery rate: 2.5 dm3 / min, with continuous material infeed
Cooling capacity: 75 l / min
Conveyor speed: 2.7 l / min
Conveyor motor and gearbox:
Type: GSS04-2M – HARD063C42
Engine power: 0.25 kW
Output speed: 8.7 min-1
Output torque: 196 Nm
Conversion: 157.5
Voltage: 230-400 V
Rated current: 1.4 / 082 A
Frequency. 50 Hz / IP 55
Drive shaft: Ø 30 mm H7
Transmission oil: CLP PG 460
Central oil lubrication:
Manufacturer: SKF
Type: MKU2-KW6-20003 + 428
Oil mist lubrication:
Manufacturer: SKF
Type: MKU1-KW6-20003 + 428
HYDAC hydraulic system:
Type: FLKS (air-liquid cooling system)
Fan speed S: 4 po. (1500 rpm)
Medium temperature: max 46 ° C
Direction of rotation: Pump – Motor fan view to the right
Fan – View of the motor fan to the right
Tank capacity: max 21 l / min 11 l
Weight: 43.5 kg
Hydraulic unit HYDAC:
Type: CA
Q = 1.3 – 21.5 L / min
P = up to 250 bar

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