Satılık ikinci el DOOSAN CNC Makineler

Doosan CNC Lathe Types

Lathe TypeDescriptionDoosan Models
Doosan Horizontal Compact Used Doosan CNCHigh-speed turning center with a chuck size of 6-10 for circular workpiece cutting, milling, and Y-axis combined machiningLEO 1600, Lynx 2100, Lynx 2100L, Lynx 2100G, Lynx 220, Lynx 220x, Lynx 220G super, Lynx 300
Doosan Horizontal High-Performance CNCHigh-rigidity, high-precision horizontal turning center in a wide size range and functions from cutting to y-axis millingLPUMA GT2100, PUMA GT2600/L, PUMA GT3100/L, PUMA 2100/L, PUMA 2100Y II, 2100LYII, PUMA 2600 series, PUMA 2600Y series, PUMA 3100 series, PUMA 4100 series, PUMA 5100 series, PUMA 600 series, PUMA 700 series and PUMA 800 series
Doosan Multi-Tasking CNCCombined turning center with Doosan lathe and machining center capabilities for making complicated parts in many shapes with one setup.PUMA 1600, PUMA MX1600/735, PUMA MX2100/MX2100L PUMA MX2600T, PUMA SMX2600, PUMA SMX3100/3100L
Doosan Horizontal Multi-AxisHigh precision, high productivity with vertical 2-turret structure and 2 opposing spindles.PUMA TT1800SY, PUMA TT2500SY, PUMA TL2000, TL200L, PUMA TL2500, PUMA TL2500L
Doosan Twin Spindle CNCTwin spindle turning centers with gantry loader-based automation possible. Made for high-productivity.PUMA TW2100, TW2100-GL130, TW2100-GL 180, PUMA HT230T, HT230TG, PUMA H310T, QL300H, PUMA, TW2600, TW2600-GL
Doosan Aluminum Wheel TurnA Doosan lathe optimized for turning aluminum wheels for automobiles and motorbikes.PUMA AW560 II, AW560-MF II, AW6600 II, PUMA VAW7500
Doosan Vertical CNCHigh-power vertical turning centers for heavy-duty cutting small to mid-size parts from 12 to 32 chuck.PUMA V8300, PUMA V400, PUMA VT450, PUMA VT900, PUMA VT1100
Doosan Ram-Type CNCHeavy duty vertical turning for 40 to 63 chuck.PUMA VTS1214, PUMA VTR1216, PUMA VTS1620, PUMA VTR 1620