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CNC Kontrol Ünitesi FANUC 31i-B
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Makina Teknik Detayları

EWAG INSERT LINE CNC 4 Eksenli Yüksek Hızlı HSS, Karbür, Cermet, Seramik, CBN Kesici Uç Dış Kenar Bileme Tezgahı EWAG INSERT LINE CNC 4-Axis High-Speed Peripheral Grinding Machine for volume indexable HSS, carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN insert production Technical data, dimensions Axes X axis, hydrostatic guide 500 mm Z axis, hydrostatic guide 350 mm Rapid traverse X, Z 30 m/min B axis +45 to -210 ° C axis ∞ Accuracy Linear resolution 0.00001 mm Radial resolution 0.0001 ° Drive Drive power 7.5/12 kW Spindle speed range 0 – 3,200 rpm Max. grinding wheel diameter 500 mm Others Power consumption at 400 V/50 Hz 28 kVA Weight incl. robot cell approx. 8,000 kg Weight of coolant system approx. 750 kg Tool data1 Direct drive clamping system Clamping pressure 1,000 – 10,000 N Min. indexable insert incircle 3 mm Max. indexable insert circumcircle 75 mm Grinding spindle drive: 12.5 kW Speed spindle drive (adjustable): 0 ... 3000 min. Diameter grinding wheel: 350 ... 500 mm CNC controlled axes : 4 Key parameters The INSERT LINE is a 4-axis high-speed peripheral grinding machine for volume production of indexable inserts at the highest speeds. It grinds indexable inserts made of hard materials from 3 mm incircle to max. 75 mm circumcircle diameter. Options • Dressing spindle for 2 dressing wheels • Automatic wheel balancing • Robot cell with 2 pallets • Robot cell with pallet changer (pallet loading system) • Vision system for automatic insert detection • Software – see ProGrind description • Automatic fire-extinguishing system • Coolant systems up to 20 bar • Coolant mist extraction systems The INSERT LINE is an indexable insert periphery grinding machine that allows machining of increasingly complex insert geometries. The newly developed periphery grinding process, the advanced ProGrind software and the 6-axis FANUC robot create a theoretical line between the insert and the grinding wheel during the machining of the insert cutting surfaces. The resulting isolation between the workpiece and the grinding machine provides for less friction, reducing the thermal stress in the contact zone. Advantages that ensure profit: Success through the grinding wheel diameter: The grinding wheel diameter up to 500 mm reduces production time by up to 50%. A variable-grinding wheel diameter allows grinding of concave shapes. Optimal machine kinematics with a hydrostatic guide. Higher quality of the cutting surface. Tightest tolerance produced economically. Axes ensure maximum accuracy, reliability and unique dynamics. Surface damage can be avoided and the cutting rate can be increased. Economic production is ensured by the use of 350-500 mm grinding wheels. The indexable peripheral grinding INSERT LINE meets the high requirements for precision and productivity: Starting with variable grinding wheel diameters, which permit the grinding of concave shapes on the optimal machine kinematics with hydrostatic guides to quality of cutting surfaces and reduced production times. INSERT LINE Application • Volume production of indexable inserts • Incircle diameter from 3 mm • Circumcircle diameter up to 75 mm • Complex indexable insert geometries • Machinable materials include HSS, carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN The machine • Vibration-absorbing Granitan machine base • 4-axis peripheral grinding machine • HSM – High Speed Machining • Grinding wheel diameter 350 to 500 mm • Hydrostatic guides in X and Y axes • Direct drives in B and C axes • FANUC control, the global standard • Numerous options for production automation INSERT LINE - high speed machining (HSM) with the latest technology such as hydrostatic guide systems in combination with direct drive motors ensure highest dynamics and precision. Smart integrated automation using a 6-axis FANUC robot supports the productivity of the machine optimally. Software • ProGrind HSM – High Speed Machining • Easy programming of ISO standard shapes • HSM analysis tool for maximum speeds • 3D simulation for high quality assurance High-speed peripheral grinding Top performance with indexable inserts INSERT LINE represents a new class of performance in the peripheral grinding of indexable inserts. With cutting-edge drive and control technology in addition to high speed machining (HSM), indexable insert grinding with the grinding wheel periphery is possible for the first time. In conjunction with the EWAG ProGrind HSM grinding software, line contact between the indexable insert and the grinding wheel is achieved. The minimal resulting contact face considerably reduces friction and thermal loads in the contact zone. At the same time, the cooling lubricant supply is improved. The overall result is greatly improved chip removal performance, better surface quality and greater cutting edge quality. Ideal prerequisites for top performance when grinding indexable inserts. Variable grinding wheel diameters enable the grinding of concave shapes. The machine kinematics are designed for maximum reliability. Together with the proven EWAG ProGrind HSM grinding software, even inexperienced operators can immediately get to grips with the machine. An optional 6-axis robot from FANUC with pallet loading system propels the INSERT LINE to top performance in largely unmanned multi-shift operation. Advantages of peripheral grinding with the wheel periphery: • Less friction • Less heat generation • Higher chip removal rate Hydrostatics with direct drives Magnetically pre-stressed hydrostatic guides, a machine base made of Granitan and modern direct drives on all axes guarantee the highest precision, process reliability and ensure unique dynamics. Direct drive clamping system Securely fixes the indexable insert in the correct position for high grinding speeds with the greatest precision. High Speed Machining HSM The line contact between the grinding wheel and tool reduces the contact zone, improve cooling lubricant supply, lowers heat input and thus enables higher feed rates. The new HSM grinding technology in the INSERT LINE is optimally supported with grinding wheel diameters of up to 500 mm. Vibration-absorbing Granitan machine base Low-maintenance direct/torque drives Hydrostatic guides 3D tool measuring Tools are measured in the production cycle using a measuring probe. Impermissible tolerances are compensated within the machine. The result is high grinding precision. Direct drive – dressing spindle The dressing spindle integrated on the rotary B axis for two dressing wheels increases the precision of the grinding wheels. Unique machine concept The unique kinematic concept with four CNC axes features high-quality sub-assemblies ideally matched to one another. This increases productivity in the manufacture of indexable inserts to a new level. • Flexible customised tool solutions • Maximum machine capacity with up to 40 pallets • Efficient vision system (DVI camera) • Cleaning, reclamping and laser marking stations can optionally be fully integrated • Multi-processor system – high system security • FANUC bus for digital drives – fault-free communication • CNC and robots from a single manufacturer – no interface problems Creating Tool Performance WALTER and EWAG are globally leading market-oriented technology and service companies, and are system and solution partners for all areas of tool machining. Our range of services is the basis for innovative machining solutions for practically all tool types and materials typical for the market with a high degree of added value in terms of quality, precision, durability and productivity. Use: P Production R Regrinding M Measuring Materials: HSS High speed steel TC Tungsten carbide C/C Cermet/ceramics CBN Cubic boron nitride PCD Polycrystalline diamond CVD-D Chemical vapour deposition MCD/ND Monocrystalline diamond/natural diamond Software – The intelligence of tool machining and measuring for production and regrinding Customer Care – Comprehensive range of services Grinding – Grinding of rotation symmetrical tools and workpieces WALTER machines Use Materials Tool dimensions 1) max. length 2) / diameter HELITRONIC ESSENTIAL P R HSS TC C/C CBN 255 mm / Ø 1 – 100 mm HELITRONIC MINI POWER P R HSS TC C/C CBN 255 mm / Ø 1 – 100 mm HELITRONIC MINI AUTOMATION P R HSS TC C/C CBN 255 mm / Ø 1 – 100 mm HELITRONIC BASIC P R HSS TC C/C CBN 350 mm / Ø 3 – 320 mm HELITRONIC POWER P R HSS TC C/C CBN 350 mm / Ø 3 – 320 mm HELITRONIC VISION P R HSS TC C/C CBN 370 mm / Ø 3 – 320 mm HELITRONIC VISION 700 L P R HSS TC C/C CBN 700 mm / Ø 3 – 200 mm HELITRONIC VISION 400 P R HSS TC C/C CBN 370 mm / Ø 3 – 315 mm HELITRONIC MICRO P HSS TC C/C CBN 120 mm / Ø 0,1 – 12,7 mm R HSS TC C/C CBN 120 mm / Ø 3 – 12,7 mm EWAG machines Use Materials Tool dimensions 1) max. length / diameter EWAMATIC LINEAR P R HSS TC C/C CBN PCD 200 mm / Ø 0,2 – 200 mm WS11/WS11-SP P R M HSS TC - / bis Ø 25 mm RS15 P R M HSS TC C/C CBN PCD - / bis Ø 25 mm

Makina Aksesuarları

Freze Spindle Koniklik
Freze X Eksen mm.
Freze Y Eksen mm
Freze Z Eksen mm
Freze W Eksen mm
Freze Çalışma Saati h
Spindle Çalışma Saati h
Freze Max.Devir rpm.
Freze Takım Kapasitesi
Freze Tabla Ölçüsü mm
Freze Palet Ölçüsü mm
Freze Talaş Konveyörü
Freze İçten Soğutma
Freze İlerleme Hızı mm/min
Freze Spindle Çapı mm
Freze Tork Nm
Freze Döner Tabla
Freze A Eksen mm
Freze C Eksen mm
Freze Takım Çapı mm
Freze Takım Uzunluk mm
Freze Takım Değiştirme Zamanı sn.
Freze Kolonlar arası Mesafe mm

Tornalama Uzunluğu
Tornalama Çapı mm
Torna Ayna Ölçüsü Inch
Torna Max.Devir rpm
Torna Çubuk Çapı mm
Torna Taret Sayısı
Torna Karşı Spindle
Torna Punta
Torna Canlı Takımlar
Torna Canlı Takımlar rpm
Torna Canlı Takımlar Güç kW
Torna Talaş Konveyörü
Torna Çubuk Sürücü
Torna Parça Yakalama
Torna Tilting Spindle
Torna Takım Değiştirme Süresi sn
Torna Takım Çapı mm
Torna Takım Uzunluk mm
Torna Takım Ağırlık Kg.
Torna Takım Tutucu Normu
Torna Spindle Nose
Torna Spindle Çapı mm
Torna Çalışma Saati h
Torna Takım Kapasitesi
Torna Frezeleme Tutucu Normu
Torna NC Döner Tabla
Torna Palet Sistemi
Torna Tork Nm

Taşlama Çapı mm
Taşlama Uzunluk mm
Taşlama İlerleme m/dak
Taşlama Gücü kW
Taşlama Devir rpm
Taşlama İşparçası Ağırlık Kg
Taşlama Min Modül
Taşlama Max Modül
Taşlama Profil Derinlik
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Çapı mm
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Genişlik mm

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