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Tezgah Durumu Yeni-SIFIR Satıcı Firma Adı Taner Perman
Tezgah Menşei
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Teklif AL
Tezgah Markası VOUMARD Satıcı Firma Telefonu 0 533 748 30 91
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Makina Kategori        CNC Dairesel Taşlama Tezgahı Tezgah Fiyatı $
Teklif AL
CNC Kontrol Ünitesi FANUC 0i MD
Tezgah Teslim Tarihi Hemen
Tezgah Üretim Yılı 2016 Makina Ağırlık Kg.
Teklif AL
Makina Gücü kW
Teklif AL
Makina Ölçüleri (LxWxH)
Teklif AL
Tezgah ilan No 710

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   VOUMARD  VM 300

Makina Teknik Detayları

VOUMARD VM 300 CNC Circular-Grinder Machine VOUMARD VM 300 CNC Dairesel Taşlama Tezgahı İSVİÇRE MALI Büyük Ebatlardaki İşparçalarının Taşlanması için CNC Taşlama Tezgahı TEZGAH TEKNİK ÖZELLİKLERİ / TECHNICAL DATA Flexible ID/OD grinding machine for large sized work pieces Max. external diameter of the chuck or work piece Over the workhead support, up to 550 mm In the gap 830 mm Work piece Max. length See table above Grinding capacities Internal diameter, up to 500 mm Max. exernal dia. over the workhead support 550 mm Max. external dia. in the gap 640 mm Max. O/D grinding wheel diameter 250 mm (according to spindle type) Max. recommended depth 300 mm (>300 mm upon request) Chucking equipment, according to version Max. compounded weight, up to 500 kg Programmable rotation speed According to workhead type X and Z axes X axis travel 300 mm Z axis travel version 1 = 600 mm version 2 = 1000 mm Resolution 0,1 μm Max. traverse speed 20 m⋅min-1 Centre height Over the workhead support 200 mm or 300 mm Dimensions of the machine (L x B x H) version L7 5518 x 3965 x 2179 mm version L13 6474 x 4115 x 2179 mm Weight According to version from 6000 to 8000 kg All informations are subject to change without notice. GENERAL PROPERTIES The VOUMARD VM 300 is a universal ID / OD grinding tool specifically designed for machining work pieces with large diameters and / or lengths. The large working space in combination with the extended travelling distance of the spindle head and the optional U-axis provide highest loading capacity and process flexibility. While short work pieces can be ground directly when clamped in the chuck, a variety of manual and automatic steady rests is available for grinding operations with long shafts. Typical applications are grinding operations with parts for: Hydraulic components Spindles Bearings Gears Maximum Workpiece Dimension* Ø 700 x 300 mm Ø 360 x 1500 mm (with steady rest) * Depending on Machine Configuration CUSTOMER BENEFITS The VOUMARD VM 300 is the only high precision ID grinding machine in the market providing maximum work piece dimensions of up to 700mm in diameter and 1500mm length. The VM300 offers ID grinding combined with OD grinding capabilities as well as a large variety of chuck and dressing options. Every machine bed is still hand scraped enabling our users to reach sub-micron precision and enabling „The Ultimate Touch in Grinding“. All machines of the VOUMARD Productivity Line can be equipped with an automatic loading system to meet production requirements. Versatility and simplicity without compromising efficiency Reduced changeover times – Very good accessibility to machining area allows quick tool changing Easy of use – Easy programming with VOUMARD graphical user interface Flexibility – ID/OD grinding with thread, taper, cam, centerless and centered grinding options Modularity – Wide range of machine configurations, options and tools to satisfy all needs Increased availability – Minimum maintenance and reliable components drastically reduce down time loss Time saving – FG-PROG software for off-line programming on an external PC EQUIPMENT Four position NC indexing spindle turret permits multiple ID/OD grinding operations with different grinding wheels at the same work piece and combines maximum flexibility with highest grinding accuracy Optional U-axis for extended OD grinding range High precision X- and Z-axis with large travel distances for maximum flexibility Manual or numerical controlled B-axis for angular swivel of the workhead for taper grinding and easier access when loading and unloading large work pieces Optional work head spindle indexing (C-axis) Various dressing tools for conventional and CBN grinding wheels, including a radius dresser for high precision grinding of circular profiles Heavy duty work head spindle with a load capacity of up to 500kg CONTROL Fanuc CNC with proprietary VOUMARD graphical user interface Offline programming tool on external computer minimizes downtime when creating new grinding sequences Remote diagnosis system for quick trouble shooting INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL GRINDING PERFECTION VOUMARD high productivity grinding machines are designed for flexible ID and OD grinding operations. Highly accurate chucks and centerless work holding solutions allow for processing work pieces of almost every geometry and performing multiple internal and external grinding operations in a single clamping. The VOUMARD machine range provides every customer with both high productivity and high flexibility grinding solutions. Our machines are appreciated worldwide and integrated in production lines or manufacturing workshops of market-leading companies in major industry segments like automotive, aerospace, bearing, tooling and spindle manufacturing. VOUMARD systems are suitable for a large variety of parts manufactured in large batches (like diesel common rail and hydraulics-pneumatics components) or low quantities (like high precision bearings and machines spindles components).

Makina Aksesuarları

Freze Spindle Koniklik
Freze X Eksen mm.
Freze Y Eksen mm
Freze Z Eksen mm
Freze W Eksen mm
Freze Çalışma Saati h
Spindle Çalışma Saati h
Freze Max.Devir rpm.
Freze Takım Kapasitesi
Freze Tabla Ölçüsü mm
Freze Palet Ölçüsü mm
Freze Talaş Konveyörü
Freze İçten Soğutma
Freze İlerleme Hızı mm/min
Freze Spindle Çapı mm
Freze Tork Nm
Freze Döner Tabla
Freze A Eksen mm
Freze C Eksen mm
Freze Takım Çapı mm
Freze Takım Uzunluk mm
Freze Takım Değiştirme Zamanı sn.
Freze Kolonlar arası Mesafe mm

Tornalama Uzunluğu
Tornalama Çapı mm
Torna Ayna Ölçüsü Inch
Torna Max.Devir rpm
Torna Çubuk Çapı mm
Torna Taret Sayısı
Torna Karşı Spindle
Torna Punta
Torna Canlı Takımlar
Torna Canlı Takımlar rpm
Torna Canlı Takımlar Güç kW
Torna Talaş Konveyörü
Torna Çubuk Sürücü
Torna Parça Yakalama
Torna Tilting Spindle
Torna Takım Değiştirme Süresi sn
Torna Takım Çapı mm
Torna Takım Uzunluk mm
Torna Takım Ağırlık Kg.
Torna Takım Tutucu Normu
Torna Spindle Nose
Torna Spindle Çapı mm
Torna Çalışma Saati h
Torna Takım Kapasitesi
Torna Frezeleme Tutucu Normu
Torna NC Döner Tabla
Torna Palet Sistemi
Torna Tork Nm

Taşlama Çapı mm
Taşlama Uzunluk mm
Taşlama İlerleme m/dak
Taşlama Gücü kW
Taşlama Devir rpm
Taşlama İşparçası Ağırlık Kg
Taşlama Min Modül
Taşlama Max Modül
Taşlama Profil Derinlik
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Çapı mm
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Genişlik mm

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