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 DATRON D5 Linear Scales  Teklif AL

DATRON D5 Linear Scales

       CNC Dişçi Dental Frezeleme Tezgahı

Tezgah Durumu Yeni-SIFIR Satıcı Firma Adı Taner Perman
Tezgah Menşei
Satıcı Firma Adresi
Teklif AL
Tezgah Markası DATRON Satıcı Firma Telefonu 0 533 748 30 91
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Makina Kategori        CNC Dişçi Dental Frezeleme Tezgahı Tezgah Fiyatı $
Teklif AL
CNC Kontrol Ünitesi DATRON DentalControl one Tezgah Teslim Tarihi Hemen
Tezgah Üretim Yılı 2016 Makina Ağırlık Kg.
Teklif AL
Makina Gücü kW
Teklif AL
Makina Ölçüleri (LxWxH)
Teklif AL
Tezgah ilan No 440

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   DATRON  D5 Linear Scales

Makina Teknik Detayları

DATRON D5 Linear Scales CNC DENTAL MILLING MACHINE DATRON D5 Linear Scales CNC Dişçi Freze Tezgahı Dimensions (W x H x D) 79 cm x 191 cm x 119 cm Weight Approx. 900kg Precision spindel 1,8kW, 50,000 rpm, HSK-E 25 tool insert Tool changer Up to 15 tools with tool lenght sensor and tool breakage recognition Automation Up to 8 blanks Angel ranges Rotary swivel axis A: Up to ± 25°; B: Up to ± 45° (both sides) Workpieces Standard dental blanks with shoulder; ∅ 98,5 mm Pneumatic connection 7 bar Supply voltage 3 x 400 VAC/16 A Power rating 4,000 VA (max. fuses 3 x 16A) Air consumption 200 litres, dry More than accurate Especially suited to machine implant-supported work in grade 5 titanium, the D5 Linear Scales (equipped with linear scales) offers maximum process reliability and meets the highest demands concerning precision, e.g. for large-span work. With an accuracy of ± 5 μm, this machine is ideally suited for milling centres with highly demanding customers. The D5 Linear Scales is best with the following materials: Ti CoCr ZrO² Composite PMMA Wax PU The D5 Linear Scales is equipped with high-precision linear scales and was especially designed for applications with highest demands on accuracy. Due to its increased thermal stability it provides consistent and highest quality machining, even in case of temperature fluctuations. Repeatability is < 2 μm and absolute accuracy ± 5 μm. For this reason, this machine system is perfect for all directly screwed-retained indications such as bars, individual abutments or Toronto bridges. The DATRON D5 was the first industrial machine worldwide to be controlled via an Apple iPad Tablet. This allows a simple and intuitive operation, which according to our experience is possible to learn within two days, even without prior knowledge. No matter whether you wish to load or activate new milling jobs, manage material blanks or define different types of tools, all is facilitated using simple touch functions. The iPad is removable, and allows you to monitor all major machine functions and manage jobs also remotely. Using the "Live View" function, the operation inside the machine is transmitted to the iPad. No need to look in the machine to see what is being milled, but rather do so i.e. from your office. The D5 control software includes, among other features, the following functionalities: Sister tool management End mill, blank and job management Machining path supervision Machine status display SMS status notification (optional) and much more. The DATRON D5 was developed specifically for the field of dental technology. The entire machine geometry, its rigidity, and all traverse paths are designed precisely to machine dental material blanks. When machining, the blank is at the centre of the machine, ensuring an optimal power flow. Powerful servo motors and torque motors ensure high machining dynamics and speed. The linear scales of the D5 Linear Scales provide maximum process reliability and precision. High-Precision Machining Spindle With speeds up to 50,000 rpm and a concentricity better than 2 μm, the machining process results in a very high quality surface finish. Due to the high cutting speed, only low cutting forces are required, allowing accurate machining of very thin-walled indications and thin, delicate crown edges. Precision Ball Screws and Guides Highest quality components from renowned manufacturers offer high accuracy and are the prerequisite for high machine availability and low maintenance costs. Rigid and Low-Vibration Construction A cast steel machine bed, cast aluminium structural parts, brushless servo and torque motors, optimised leverage ratios and traverse paths provide a rigid, vibration-free construction and high dynamics. This allows for high machining forces and accelerations necessary for the cost-effective machining of metals.

Makina Aksesuarları

Freze Spindle Koniklik
Freze X Eksen mm.
Freze Y Eksen mm
Freze Z Eksen mm
Freze W Eksen mm
Freze Çalışma Saati h
Spindle Çalışma Saati h
Freze Max.Devir rpm.
Freze Takım Kapasitesi
Freze Tabla Ölçüsü mm
Freze Palet Ölçüsü mm
Freze Talaş Konveyörü
Freze İçten Soğutma
Freze İlerleme Hızı mm/min
Freze Spindle Çapı mm
Freze Tork Nm
Freze Döner Tabla
Freze A Eksen mm
Freze C Eksen mm
Freze Takım Çapı mm
Freze Takım Uzunluk mm
Freze Takım Değiştirme Zamanı sn.
Freze Kolonlar arası Mesafe mm

Tornalama Uzunluğu
Tornalama Çapı mm
Torna Ayna Ölçüsü Inch
Torna Max.Devir rpm
Torna Çubuk Çapı mm
Torna Taret Sayısı
Torna Karşı Spindle
Torna Punta
Torna Canlı Takımlar
Torna Canlı Takımlar rpm
Torna Canlı Takımlar Güç kW
Torna Talaş Konveyörü
Torna Çubuk Sürücü
Torna Parça Yakalama
Torna Tilting Spindle
Torna Takım Değiştirme Süresi sn
Torna Takım Çapı mm
Torna Takım Uzunluk mm
Torna Takım Ağırlık Kg.
Torna Takım Tutucu Normu
Torna Spindle Nose
Torna Spindle Çapı mm
Torna Çalışma Saati h
Torna Takım Kapasitesi
Torna Frezeleme Tutucu Normu
Torna NC Döner Tabla
Torna Palet Sistemi
Torna Tork Nm

Taşlama Çapı mm
Taşlama Uzunluk mm
Taşlama İlerleme m/dak
Taşlama Gücü kW
Taşlama Devir rpm
Taşlama İşparçası Ağırlık Kg
Taşlama Min Modül
Taşlama Max Modül
Taşlama Profil Derinlik
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Çapı mm
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Genişlik mm

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