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 HEDELIUS RS 100 K Celox  Teklif AL

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                CNC 5 Eksenli Simultaneous İşleme Merkezi

Tezgah Durumu İkinciel-Kullanılmış - 2.EL Satıcı Firma Adı Taner PERMAN
Tezgah Menşei
Satıcı Firma Adresi
Teklif AL
Tezgah Markası HEDELIUS Satıcı Firma Telefonu +90 533 748 30 91
Tezgah Modeli RS 100 K Celox Satıcı E-posta Adresi
Makina Kategori                 CNC 5 Eksenli Simultaneous İşleme Merkezi Tezgah Fiyatı $
Teklif AL
CNC Kontrol Ünitesi HEIDENHAIN TNC 530
Tezgah Teslim Tarihi Hemen
Tezgah Üretim Yılı 2003 Makina Ağırlık Kg. 28.000
Teklif AL
Makina Gücü kW 55
Teklif AL
Makina Ölçüleri (LxWxH) Makina Ölçüleri
Teklif AL
Tezgah ilan No 1985

   HEDELIUS  RS 100 K Celox

Makina Teknik Detayları

HEDELIUS RS 100 K Celox CNC 5 Eksen İşleme Merkezi 2003 Model Alman Malı ikinciel-Kullanılmış-2.EL Makina Tezgah Teknik Özellikleri x-travel 3.500 mm y-travel 1.000 mm z-travel 770 mm CNC Kontrol Ünitesi : Heidenhain iTNC 530 swival range +/- 360 ° T-slots DIN 650: 18 mm T-slots 7 Stck./pieces T-slot - distance 110 mm center hole 40H7 x 15 mm swival range +/- + 100° - 90° ° table speeds: 90°: 2,5 sec table turning speeds 20 U/min Torque schwenken/swivel: 5000 0 Torque teilen/divide: 3500 0 table load 1,5 t table load fixed table: 2 t spindle speed: max. 12.000 U/min tool taper SK50 / HSK A100 tool piece magazine with 30 Plätzen/stations weight of tools max. 15 kg tool length - max. SK50: 330 mm tool length - max. HSK A100: 370 mm tool diameter max. 100 mm tool changing time ca. /approx.: 4,0 sec power capacity - milling spindle 55 kW total power requirement 40 kVA weight of the machine ca. 28 t

Makina Aksesuarları

Makina Aksesuarları Accessories chip conveyor fully enclosed Internal coolant Tool breakage control system Workspace lighting Heat compensation of the spindle Travelling column-machining center with 30-fold tool magazine, integrated Turn-swiveling table unit for 5-axis simultaneous machining and additional built-in machine table. The machine can be inspected by appointment in operation. The machine is first owned. Operating hours (Status: 01.02.2018) - Total: 68.682 h - Spindle: 23.387 h Travels: Rotary table X/Y/Z: 800 x 800 x 770 mm Fixed machine table X/Y/Z: 1.550 x 1.000 x 770 mm Rotary swivel table unit: Shoulder-bearing swivel unit with an integrated rotary table and hydraulic clamping of both axes, complete with backlash-free oil bath lubricated servo gears and direct angle measurement of the rotary and swivel axis. - Rotary table dimension: 1.000 x 800 mm - Interfering edges diamter: 1.100 mm - T-slots DIN 650:18 mm - Number of T-slots: 7 pieces - Alignment slots: 18H8 - Distance of T-slots: 110 mm - Centering hole: 40H7 x 15 mm - Swivel range: + 100° bis - 90° - Swivel speed 90°: 2,5 sec - Tilting accuracy: +/- 8" - Rotation speed: 20 rpm - Indexing accuracy : +/- 4" - Circularity tolerances: 0,01 - Swivel torque: 5.000 Nm - Share torque: 3.500 Nm - Mounting weight max.: 1,5 t Fixed machine table: Heavy duty machine table made of cast iron with 5 T-slots DIN 650-22. The middle T-slot is designed as 22H8 directional slot. - Clamping surface: 1.550 x 1.000 mm Main spindle (High speed milling spindle): - Spindle speed max.: 12.000 rpm Water-cooled motor spindle with steep taper mount SK 50 or HSK A100, hydrau- lically actuated tool clamping system and automatic cone blow-out device. Spindle positioning: Freely programmable spindle positions (oriented Spindle stop). Coolant supply: Coolant arranged semicircular around the spindle nose medium nozzles for optimal coolant supply of the tools. Coolant/chip collection: Coolant-dense chip conveyor for continuous transport of the resulting chips, complete with coolant pump, electrical connection and multi-function switch mounted in the terminal. - Design: Drag-out conveyor - Drop height: approx. 1.150 mm - Pump capacity: 1 bar/100 l/min - Throw-out: right Guiding system: For high traversing speed and cutting performance designed linear guide system. Feed system: Highly dynamic digital three-phase servo motors and grinded ball screws on all 3 axes. Feed slide: heavily ribbed and vibration damping feed slides for the X/Y/Z axis. Tool magazine: Tool magazine rotating in the traveling column with fixed course coding and directional logic. - Tool holder: SK50 - Tool weight max.: 0,015 t - Tool length: 330 mm - Capacity: 30 positions - Tool diameter max.: 100 mm, 125 mm at 35 mm secondary seats - Tool change time approx.: 4,0 sec - Chip-to-chip time approx.: 0 sec Measuring system: Diadur phase grating measuring systems on the X, Y and Z axis, incremental encoders on the A and B axes. Control cabinet: Control cabinet integrated in the machine housing with control cabinet cooling unit and flanged NC terminal. Machine housing: Extra high machine cladding with smooth running sliding doors. Workspace lighting: impact-resistant and coolant-tight workspace lighting. Central lubrication: Fully automatic central lubrication for all axes. - Number of axes: 3/4/5 and controlled main spindle. - File Management: Number of files not limited. - Program input: In Heidenhain plain text and after DIN/ISO. - Position information: Nominal position in rectangular or polar coordinates, measurements absolute or incremental. - Parallel operation: create, edit and test program while another program is processed (with graphical support). - Linear/circular interpolation: 4/2 from 4 axes, helix, threads with or without length compensation. - Approaching and leaving the contour: Tangential via round circle, circular path or vertically on a straight line. - Tool breakage control: User parameters for automatic machine shutdown circuit when exceeding a preselected power consumption of the main spindle motor. - NC-controlled heat compensation of the main spindle +/- 0,01. - Constant path speed: Based on the tool center path or on the tool cutting edge. - 3D-processing: Via linear interpolation in 3 axes and with three-dimensional toolcorrectionvia surface normal vector. Smoothing the surface with a given tolerance by inserting rounding circles between the straight sections. - Reversible clamping device machining: rogramming contours on the development of a cylinder. Feed rate in mm/min or in degree/min. - CE-marking - Documentation

Freze Spindle Koniklik
HSK-A 100
Freze X Eksen mm.
Freze Y Eksen mm
Freze Z Eksen mm
Freze W Eksen mm
Freze Çalışma Saati h
Spindle Çalışma Saati h
Freze Max.Devir rpm.
Freze Takım Kapasitesi
Freze Tabla Ölçüsü mm
Freze Palet Ölçüsü mm
Freze Talaş Konveyörü
Freze İçten Soğutma
Freze İlerleme Hızı mm/min
Freze Spindle Çapı mm
Freze Tork Nm
Freze Döner Tabla Var +/- 360 °
Freze A Eksen mm 0
Freze C Eksen mm 0
Freze Takım Çapı mm 100
Freze Takım Uzunluk mm 220
Freze Takım Değiştirme Zamanı sn. 4
Freze Kolonlar arası Mesafe mm 0

Tornalama Uzunluğu
Tornalama Çapı mm
Torna Ayna Ölçüsü Inch
Torna Max.Devir rpm
Torna Çubuk Çapı mm
Torna Taret Sayısı
Torna Karşı Spindle
Torna Punta
Torna Canlı Takımlar
Torna Canlı Takımlar rpm
Torna Canlı Takımlar Güç kW
Torna Talaş Konveyörü
Torna Çubuk Sürücü
Torna Parça Yakalama
Torna Tilting Spindle
Torna Takım Değiştirme Süresi sn
Torna Takım Çapı mm
Torna Takım Uzunluk mm
Torna Takım Ağırlık Kg.
Torna Takım Tutucu Normu
Torna Spindle Nose
Torna Spindle Çapı mm
Torna Çalışma Saati h
Torna Takım Kapasitesi
Torna Frezeleme Tutucu Normu
Torna NC Döner Tabla
Torna Palet Sistemi
Torna Tork Nm

Taşlama Çapı mm
Taşlama Uzunluk mm
Taşlama İlerleme m/dak
Taşlama Gücü kW
Taşlama Devir rpm
Taşlama İşparçası Ağırlık Kg
Taşlama Min Modül
Taşlama Max Modül
Taşlama Profil Derinlik 0
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Çapı mm 0
Taşlama Taş/Wheel Genişlik mm 0

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