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AVANTE SEIKI CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması Company’s president Mr. Kao Kao Yang he used to be the General Manager of Creator EDM company. He has variety and deeply experiences in EDM & Tyre Mold EDM & Precision Plastic Injection Machine field. According his over thirty years in Machine Tools R & D experience , he had decided to develop CNC High Speed Engraving Machine and CNC EDM for Tyre Mold since 2011. He had succeeded on the beginning of 2014, and finished very seriously test cutting! This developed machine has sold to Tyre Mold maker in Taiwan and have won users’ very high evaluation in machines’ quality. Therefore, he decided to invite Mr. Max Lu who has over 26 years international sales experience in Machine tools field, and few engineers who have lot of experience in CNC EDM & Vertical Machining Center to establish AVANTE SEIKI CO., LTD on May 16th, 2015. Main products are CNC EDM, CNC High Speed Engraving Machine, CNC EDM for Tyre Mold. Electrical Discharge Machine CNC High Speed Engraving Machine Vertical Machining Center CNC Tires Mold Electrical Discharge Machine Electrical Discharge Machine EDM-430 Table Size(mm): 650x320 EDM-540 Table Size(mm): 900x500 EDM-645 Table Size(mm): 900x500 EDM-865 Table Size(mm): 1000x600 EDM-1065 Table Size(mm): 1200x700 EDM-1275 Table Size(mm): 1400x850 EDM-1475 Table Size(mm): 1850x1000 EDM-1675 Table Size(mm): 1850x1000 EDM-1886 Table Size(mm): 1850x1000 EDM-2160 Table Size(mm): 2250x1100 EDM-2210 Table Size(mm): 2250x1100 EDM-3010(2H) Table Size(mm): 3100x1100 CNC High Speed Engraving Machine AVE-430 Table Size(mm): 400x350 AVE-650 Table Size(mm): 600*550 Vertical Machining Center(Linear Guide Way Series) AVL-700 Table Size(mm): 800x450 AVL-800 Table Size(mm): 1000x510 AVL-1000 Table Size(mm): 1200x550 AVL-1200 Table Size(mm): 1400x610 AVL-700APC Table Size(mm): 700x500x2pcs Vertical Machining Center(Box Way Series) AVB-850 Table Size(mm): 1000x550 AVB-1050 Table Size(mm): 1200x550 AVB-1200 Table Size(mm): 1400x650 AVB-1400 Table Size(mm): 1600x750 AVB-1600 Table Size(mm): 1600x750 AVB-1800 Table Size(mm): 1960x750 AVB-2150 Table Size(mm): 2200x1220 AVB-2600 Table Size(mm): 2650X1220 AVB-3200 Table Size(mm): 3250x1220 CNC Tires Mold Electrical Discharge Machine T90-CNC-6A

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