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FLEXDRILL CNC Profil Delik Delme Tezgah Firması CNC PRODUCTS - TRD series Column Machining Center X Axis: 10' up to 35' Y Axis: 2' Gantry Machining Center X Axis: 10' up to 30' Y Axis: 4' or 6' Create the perfect setup for your needs. Vices, tool changers, and more. - ABOUT FLEXDRILL CNC - Welcome to FlexDrill CNC - The leading CNC drilling machine manufacturer in the US. Our machines drill all types of profiles members, beams, sections – with high accuracy. Our TRD and GRD machines make CNC-programmed movements with the greatest precision. ​ FlexDrill CNC manufactures the only CNC drilling machine specifically built for the fabricator. With simple conversational programming, our gantry and column drilling and milling machines are built for machining large parts that other CNC's don't have the capacity to handle. ​ We are eliminating spindle downtime with our mobile light curtains, removing bottlenecks and improving efficiency with fast setups. Mill, Drill, Tap, Bevel, Countersink, and Formdrill large parts with only one setup on our FlexDrill CNC. ​ FlexDrill's machine bed sizes and machining capability is unmatched. We have over 600 FlexDrill CNCs in service worldwide, and continue to innovate bigger and better products. ​ TRD Series - Our TRD Series ranges from 10’ to 35’ in size. Its Z Axis Travel is at 16” and the spindle nose to table at 8.75” to 24.75”. The machine makes for easy set up and fixing of parts. The machine bed has a design that allows chips to evacuate below the machining bed and into the chip conveyer, making the process easier and more convenient. Available in CT or BT 40 with a max torque of 184 ft/lbs, this drilling and tapping machine has a 12” water resistant touch screen. GRD Series - The FlexDrill GRD Series, on the other hand, ranges in size up to 30’ (custom) long machines. Its Z Axis Travel is at 19.5” and the spindle nose to table at CT40: 5.5” to 25” / CT50: 3.1” to 22.8”. GRD’s machine bed has 20mm slotted bars, making setup and fixturing of parts easy. It also features a light curtain barrier, allowing for 100% spindle up time. Both of our GRD and TRD drilling and tapping machines have self-lubricating moving parts on all axes, and the machines themselves are spindle-driven by a programmable servo motor. TRD and GRD also features a mono-block, welded steel frame with a t-slot machine bed, as well as a drill mill tap bevel that allows operators to work on large parts in one setup.