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BÜLTMANN CNC Pah Kırma Boy Tamamlama Tezgah Firması In 1972 Rudolf Bültmann laid the foundations for the family-owned company in Neuenrade with its main focus on the manufacture of bar and tube mill machinery. During the initial years, equipment mainly comprising presses, hydraulic draw benches and finishing equipment were built. With entrepreneurial courage and creativity the manufacturing program was continuously expanded and Bültmann became market leader in the fields of "Drawing, Straightening and Peeling". Innovation, quality, service and customer-orientated functionality were the basis of success for the company's founder Rudolf Bültmann. Having the same targets, his daughter Petra Bültmann-Steffin and his son Andreas Bültmann have been running the company as the next generation since 1997. Together with more than 130 highly qualified employees, they maintain the high level of product quality, this being the company's main feature for forty years. Company's owners: Petra Bültmann-Steffin and Andreas Bültmann The manufacturing program of Bültmann includes turnkey production lines for the manufacturing of tubes, bars and profiles, comprising among others, machines for pointing, internal gripping, drawing, peeling, straightening, cutting, end machining, testing, heating, separating and handling. Bültmann's services include the initial planning, engineering, construction, assembly and delivery. Commissioning on site and the after-sales-service are to be understood as part of the scope of supply. Production lines Peeling Straightening Drawing Pointing Internal gripping of tubes Cutting Chamfering / End finishing Handling / Separating Non-destructive testing devices Heating / Annealing Billet heating Continuous annealing lines Other equipment Boru, çubuk, profil çekme, doğrultma, soyma ve kesme makinaları ve ekipmanları

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