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JUNGNER CNC Takım Bileme Takım Tezgahları Firması Jungner was established in Sweden in 1910 by Dr. Jungner, He had a world patent of a new type of batteries named NiFe (Nickel and Ferrum).These types of accumulators are still in use. The Co also produced optical equipment for submarines, cannons and guns. We still have the trade mark from that period. The Jungner Co increased and people employed were 1500 when the second World war started. During the war Sweden was cut of from the rest of the world and the only chances to increase the production of military equipment was to produce our own machines. That’s why Jungner started to produce Tool and Cutter Grinders. The grinding technique is still today valid for manual machines from that first generation. Since then Jungner has produced approx. 4500 manual machines and we are now into the 4th generation of the US-450 and the basic ideas are still in use. In Åkersberga north of Stockholm we have our sales, service, developing and final assembly plant. In Virserum we produce all machine parts and also basic assembling. CNC Machines Jungner started very early to develop a CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder. Wedelivered the first 4-axis machine 1981 named PSA 600 NC. We have today the 4th hard-ware generation of machines and also the 4thsoft-ware generation in production. 1980 -1989 PSA-600 NC/CNC 1984 –1993 US-450 CNC 1993 – 1999 US-460 CNC 1989 - US-630 CNC 1998 - US-560 CNC 2002 - US-600 CNC Approx. 280 CNC machines have been delivered throughout the world out of approx. 1/3 = 90 machines have gone to the USA. The CNC line is today as follows: 560 CNC-5 Fanuc 30i Ma 5 axis 7, 5/11 kW 600 CNC Fanuc 30i Ma 5-axes 11, 3 kW 560CNC | 600CNC

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