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BOLDRINI SAC İşleme Makinaları Firması Company Welcome into the BOLDRINI virtual machine: in these pages you will find everything you must know about Hydraulic Presses for dished ends production, Shipyard Presses, "C" frame Presses, Hot and Cold Deep Drawing Presses, Manipulators for Dishing Presses, Flanging Machines for both dished and "flat" (flanged only) heads, cones and truncated cones, 3 and 4 Roll Plate Bending Machines, Bending Section Machines, I-beam and H-beam Benders, Bulb Benders for Shipyards, Plate Straightening Machines, Bevelling Machines for both flat and rolled plates and everything else that is necessary to manufacture tank heads, dished ends, shells, pressure vessels, steam boilers, and shipyard components. Our Machine range covers a variety of application fields to satisfy all tasks required by Tank Manufacturing Companies, Chemical and Petro-Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Breweries, ISO containers, Water and Waste treatment, Nuclear production and Waste storage, Shipyards, Road Tankers BOLDRINI Plate bending rolls BOLDRINI PAO presses BOLDRINI RIBO flanging machines BOLDRINI Special presses BOLDRINI Hot forming BOLDRINI Section bending BOLDRINI Plate straightening BOLDRINI Edge milling machines

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