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RICHARDON CNC Dişli Azdırma Takım Tezgahları Firması In 1974, the company Richardon was founded by the owner G. Richardon. In the beginning the repair and reconditioning of gear machines and especially the modernization of used Gear Hobbing Machines were the main business areas of the company. Soon Richardon realized that the mechanical design of these machines had limitations for major modernizations. In 1997 Richardon decided to design and build a totally new line of Gear Hobbing Machines. From the beginning the Richardon manufacture strived for highest flexibility, every customer request should be fulfilled. In direct dialogue with the customers unique technical solutions are realized, and machines are developed that correspond to highest demands, especially with respect to performance and accuracy. The suitable “hands on” software is developed in house. Especially proud are the owners, Messrs. Richardon of their still high customer loyalty in spite of the grown business in the meantime. Service is internationally recognized, qualified and unrivalled fast. To date, more than 300 Richardon machines are delivered to worldwide customers.We at Richardon well know, only satisfied customers come back. The high number of repeat orders are proof of the company’s policy. RICHARDON R 12 CNC RICHARDON R 300 CNC RICHARDON R 400 CNC RICHARDON R 56 CNC RICHARDON R 69 CNC

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