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CABE CNC Kanal Açma - Slotting Takım Tezgahları Firması Cabe slotting machines A rich and varied range of products that meets the needs of clients from all over the world. From the manual vertical slotting machines to the most innovative electronic control solutions with up to 4 axes. The machines are unique because of the construction in cast iron fusion that ensures cutting precision and no vibrations, normally the weak point of the machines built in welded steel. Vanguard machines Cabe is continually looking for innovative solutions and materials. The programming of the slotting machines and the user interface have reached maximum levels in the recent ST4 models with 4 controlled axes. Complex machining processes are allowed, such as conical, blind and helical slots. Manaca broaching machines The Manaca offer is composed of a complete line of electromechiancal and hydraulic broaching machines, with fixed or moving table. The product range, as reviewed by Cabe, is characterised by high quality and innovative design. The wide range of broaching machines stands out for their flexibility and high potential for customisation.

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