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STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması STAMA is innovation "Over 80 percent of delivered STAMA centers are turnkey projects. We are the top supplier worldwide of customer and branch-specific process solutions. We take on tasks that others don't even dare to approach, and solve them with our multi-spindle manufacturing technologies MT and TWIN. We have an innovative team and pioneering concepts. We are well equipped to strengthen our leading position against international competition." Powerful one, two and four-spindle vertical machining centers for small and large volume production. Designed for 3, 4 and 5-axis machining, with light or heavy-duty chip removal. System 3 Featuring 180° swivel table and X-range up to 700 mm. Complete manufacturing in two clamping positions, with loading and unloading during machining. Ideal for highly productive series manufacturing. System 5 One place One work space with a fixed table or device bridge, and X-range up to 1000 mm. Ideal for flexible machining of large workpieces and multiple fixtures. System 5 Two place Two work spaces with fixed table or device bridge and X-range up to 2 x 1000 mm. Loading and unloading parallel to main time. Ideal for complete machining of large workpieces in series manufacturing. Highly flexible milling-turning centers for 6-sided, complete machining of complex workpieces; from volumes of 1 or 100000. For diverse and demanding applications from bars or semi-finished products/blanks. System 7 M and MT Single place milling-turning center with one milling spindle and one or two turning spindle(s) in the work space. Complete milling and turning within a small footprint. Ideal for highly flexible manufacturing of single parts and small series volumes. System 7 MT 2C Milling-turning center with two independent operator platforms. One milling spindle and one turning spindle per work space. Complete manufacturing of the workpiece on all six sides simultaneously. Ideal for flexible and productive series manufacturing. System 8 MT and MT TWIN Single place and two place milling-turning centers, available as single-spindle and double-spindle TWIN. Ideal for reliable and precise complete milling and turning of complex workpieces. Branch Solutions Automotive Precision Engineering Fluid Technology Mechanical Engineering Medical Technology Tool Manufacturing Machining Technologies Milling and turning for every batch size - MT, MT 2C and MT TWIN Optimal series manufacturing - MC Single, MC TWIN and MC TWIN² STAMA Engineering Project Management Energy Efficiency and PEPS® Automation Solutions Process Technology

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