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POS CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması Product overview POS POSmill B Series | 3-axis | Range: Standard POSmill B 520 POSmill B 800 POSmill B 1000 POSmill C-Servie | 3-axis | Area: Allrounder POSmill C 860 POSmill C 1050 POSmill C 800 compact POSmill E Series | 3-axis | Range: Performance POSmill E 850 POSmill E 1100 POSmill E 2050 POSmill H-Series | 5-axis | Range: Performance POSmill H 630 U POSmill H 800 U philosophy ... neither time nor money for half things! This so-called statement directs our company philosophy. This is exactly why POS stands for P rocess O ptimierungs S ystem. Process: Of course, there are a lot of good cutting machines. The process milling, however, depends on a lot of special and peripheral things. For example, a machine may have an internal coolant supply. But the term does not say anything about how this technical possibility affects the process. This accessory "IKZ" has not only advantages, but also disadvantages or / and can lead to inaccuracies. For this reason, we claim that we should address all the advantages and disadvantages of the consultancy when consulting them. We want to help you find the right process for the processing of your workpieces that is technically and operationally effective. The training of our employees and our experience are geared to this. Optimization: If we have succeeded in working with you on the right process, the correct procedure, then we see it as our task to strive specifically to optimize the found process. To stay with the example of the "ICZ", we check the use of the most modern tools, the ergonomics in the machining and the effect on the accuracy. We are looking for alternatives such as the use of the "air through the spindle" function, make statements about tool life, and are not afraid to find the solution that is found in a critical manner. With the process optimization achieved in this way, our customers are on the right track. System: Our customers know your tasks much better than us. You are an expert in your field. We are experts in the market and thus offer our customers the ideal prerequisite for making an investment a profit. In addition to all the exciting technical support, we also ensure that the business-related side is also met with specific consideration of company-specific fiscal matters. In short, we not only supply machines, but we also make room for them by purchasing the old, used machines and financing the new machines "bank-free", without presenting the customer's balance sheet or BWA. This helps us to improve the liquidity and the rating of our customers enormously. You see: Neither time nor money for half things! When it comes to our machines, this means exactly the same thing to optimize things and to constantly increase the reliability of the equipment. Here are just a few important points for you to consider today when you buy a machine: Question: Have you selected all important equipment characteristics? Answer: POS there is virtually no "options" so you can not even forget prozessichernde elements such as glass scales, a large coolant supply system and a spindle cooler. Often, a "naked" machine is offered at the contest so as to artificially keep the price small. We do not have to, since we do not have group structures and thus do not have 3-4 additional companies that have to co-operate on the machine. We use this commercial advantage and offer you more equipment for less money. Question: Do you have your running costs under control (tool costs, service costs)? Answer: Our machines are 40% more massive design than the average of the competition, so we can eliminate resulting vibrations better and so reduce your tooling costs greatly. Consider a tungsten carbide cutter costs an average of 90 euros. What do you do if this is already worn after 3 hours. Not at POS! Comparative tests have shown that POS machines keep the tools up to 10 times longer on average, thus minimizing your tooling costs. Win guaranteed! In addition, we do not want to make a big profit with our service, but see it as a "means to an end". In comparison, we have just half the cost. This means that you pay only Euro 69,00 per hour and are thus on the safe side. Question: Have you ever wondered why does not work for many machine manufacturers the service? Answer: Many manufacturers make every 6-9 months back new products to the market so as to cover only all sales opportunities in the market and the owners (shareholders) to show how innovative the company is. Now imagine that you should have about 1,000 spare parts in stock per machine type and that a service technician can only be as good as his experience. In a nutshell: When new machines appear every 6 months, how should the service technician be experienced? In addition, this fact is still paired with 3 different control manufacturers to miss no order. That should go well? Not with POS: We focused on the wesenliche Machine spectrum and thus have a small spare parts diversity. In addition, we only offer one control type to concentrate on the essentials. All our products are tested in our own production before you enter the market. This conservative but sustainable approach leads to that A) the product quality gets under control (B) the quality of service has been steadily improved through experience; C) keep the service costs under control. You can write a lot, so we suggest you just contact a POS customer to get a feedback. Or visit our Section shopper reviews . With regards from house to house Michael Helle Owner / Managing Director

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