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CAMUT CNC Taşlama Tezgah Firması CAMUT srl: SOLE worldwide constructor of the famous Camut Grinders RE.M.UT., a company with premises in Saluggia in the Province of Vercelli, it was set up in 1971 as a service company for overhauling and repairing machine tools. The aim of the founders was and is still, to best perform a difficult job with the goal of acquiring a new market share due to the quality of the service its offers. Since that time, it has always been RE.M.UT’s intention to continue to set up rapports of trust with its customers including those who turned to the company in past and with whom, today, we still have ongoing rapports. Over the years the company has broadened its intervention areas and business in the following ways: by intervening in the modernizing of machine tools with numeric control applications and making necessary structural modifications (retrofitting); by coming up with original spare parts for the whole range of SASS radial drills; by acquiring the CAMUT brand; by constructing its own CAMUT grinders. For over 50 years, production at CAMUT srl has focused on and specialized in the manufacture of three families of: 1. Horizontal axis wheel grinding machines in the MINI AND GAMMA models (technical specifications) with manual control or NC 2. Vertical axis wheel grinding machines in models V1 - V2 - V3 (technical specifications) with manual control or NC 3. Grinding machines for machining from solid ( CREEP FORMATIC), (technical specifications) with mobile mounting and rotating table or fixed mounting and movable table Thanks to the experience and professionalism we have built up and with which we always carry out our work, CAMUT srl can guarantee you total reliability in its construction of products.

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