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ANNN YANG Machinery CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması Annn Yang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the modern Feng Zhou High Tech Industrial Park in Taichung, Taiwan. Since its inception in 1990, Annn Yang has been developing lathes for the international market, producing precision built machines that are both unique in design and function. Through innovation and aggressive investment in many cutting-edge resources when developing new products, Annn Yang constantly makes advances in the lathe industry. Ann Yang combines experience and strives for perfection to make it a leader in its field. Today we are confident in saying that Annn Yang means excellence. ANNN YANG CNC Lathes ANNN YANG Conventional Lathes ANNN YANG Variable Speed Lathes ANNN YANG Clutch Lathes ANNN YANG Vertical Milling / Turning ANNN YANG High Speed Machine Center ANNN YANG Grinding Machine Accessories

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