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ROWEIG Werkzeugmaschinen Detay

ROWEIG Werkzeugmaschinen CNC Özel Taşlama Takım Tezgahları Firması Special grinding machines - Made in Germany - Since 1993 Roweig Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has been manufacturer of internal and external ground grinding machines of various sizes, of roller bearing grinding machines for the internal and external machining of rolling bearing rings as well as of special grinding machines for the automotive, printing or glass industry in own property. The company specializes in former WMW machines and, in addition to new machines, carries out complete new constructions, new construction and retrofitting with the latest control systems (SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 eg 802D sl, 840D) and its own mechanical and electrical engineering as well as software production, Standard through. Roweig also carries out repair and assembly services up to general repairs on these machines directly at the customer's premises or in our company. A further focus of the company is the trade and the production of spare and wear parts, production of new software, production of accessory assemblies (eg demagnetizing devices for magnetically stressed workpieces, wet grinding equipment, etc.) and special machines. All of the employees of Roweig have a great deal of experience thanks to their long-standing work in the design, service and sales of tool- (grinding-) machine construction and come from the former works grinding machine Chemnitz (later SCHAUDT Hartmannsdorf) and the Berlin machine tool factory (BWF) BT Glauchau (Later Glauchau machine tool factory).

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