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Ficep. A growing family. The growing popularity of steel structures is due to its design efficiency that is found in such typical projects as bridges, transmission towers, electric power stations, petrochemical power stations, industrial plants, ships, skyscrapers and other uniquely complicated structures where the versatility of structural steel design is evident. FICEP is one of the world’s leading machine tool manufacturing companies with an experience of over 80 years. This Italian-based firm has become the largest producer in the world today of automated systems for the fabrication of structural steel and plate and the forging industry. The extensive Ficep product range of innovative products and their aggressive penetration of the world market have been achieved by the creation of Ficep subsidiaries all over the world. High speed drilling line RAPID The NEW Ficep drilling lines for angles offers high quality, flexibility, accuracy and productivity. The use of powerful spindles, together with the new generation high performance tools make it possible to reach high rotation and feed speeds. All the benefits of dynamically drilling the angles are obvious and deliver economic processing even on large sizes. The RAPID drilling lines are modular and can be set up with: Scribing or hard stamp marking Single or double shearing High speed sawing The tough tolerance limits and various angle sizes set in some contract specifications can easily be handled by these drilling lines. The working cycle is automatically managed by the CNC through specific software programs. The angles are loaded on transfer arms and automatically fed on to the conveyor track. The system is designed for automatic clamping, Material is conveyed with a controlled axis feed through the machine and every process takes place sequentially. The pieces, scrap or remnants completed after the saw or shear are then unloaded in an organized process and offloaded at predetermined positions on the unloading area.

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