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Sodick CNC Tel Erezyon - Dalma Erezyon Tezgah firması Wire EDM Sodick SLN400G Sodick SLN600G Sodick SL400G Sodick SL600G Sodick SL400Q Sodick SL600Q Sodick VZ300L Sodick VZ500L Sodick VZ500LH Sodick VL600Q Sodick AQ750L Sodick AQ750LH Sodick AQ900L Sodick AQ1200L Sodick AQ1200LH Sodick AQ1500L Sodick AG400L Sodick AG600L Sodick AG600LH Sodick AP250L Sodick AP450L Sodick EXC100L Dalma Erezyon Sinker EDM Sodick AG40L Sodick AG60L Sodick AG80L Sodick AG100L Sodick AD35L Sodick AD55L Sodick AP1L Sodick AP3L Sodick AQ15L Sodick AQ20L

SODICK Firma Bilgisi

Over the years, we have focused our attention on every request from our customers and have taken on challenges and overcome technical obstacles with our customers no matter how difficult with the sole purpose of serving the customers’ manufacturing. If the means to overcome obstacles did not exist, we dedicated ourselves to create a solution. The linear motors and ceramics that revolutionized electric discharge machines, injection molding machines, and the V-LINE® System are all solutions which our company self-developed for solving customers’ problems.. These products are now the source of the competitive strength. Our company name ‘Sodick’ derives from combining the phonetics of the Japanese words for “Create" (sozo), ”Implement” (jikko) and ”Overcome Difficulties” (kuro kokufuku), representing the spirit of Sodick promising to deliver the best product and to resort any means to respond to our customers’ needs.

SODICK Ürünler

Sodick’s history rooted in electric discharge machines Sodick provides an extensive product lineup that includes electrical discharge machines—representing one of the largest market shares in the world—and precision metal 3D printers. Our products are highly regarded in a wide range of fields including the automotive industry and the electronics industry, exemplified by smartphones, digital cameras, and other devices. Die-sinker EDM Wire-cut EDMWire-cut EDM High-speed Small-hole Drilling EDMHigh-speed Small-hole Drilling EDM Precision Metal 3D PrinterPrecision Metal 3D Printer High Speed Milling CenterHigh Speed Milling Center CAD-CAMCAD-CAM Electron BeamElectron Beam