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A passionate, energetic spirit has characterized TAKISAWA since its 1922 establishment as a machine tool manufacturer. Drawing upon a vast wealth of experience and a tradition of excellence that goes back 84 years, we today offer a variety of innovative and technologically advanced products. These include conventional lathes, CNC machine tools such as CNC lathes, machining centers, drill centers and sophisticated FA cells and systems. Machine tools production, long our specialty, supports all other product developments. Although our product line continually changes in keeping with the times, our energetic spirit remains ever-strong, ever open to the future. Always abreast of the needs of our customers, we stand ready to meet every challenge in ensuring the complete satisfaction of those we serve.

TAKISAWA - JAPON Firma Bilgisi

We aim to contribute realization of social and environmental sustainability and to enrich the life of people all over the world through manufacture and sale of machine tools. Also, we set our sights on improving the shareholder value and fulfilling the social responsibility of our company by realizing permanent growth and stable profits. Thus, we set two management policies : [Company flexibly corresponding to market fluctuation, realizing permanent growth and stable profits, and closely related to local community] and [Company continuously providing products earning excellent reputation worldwide: "Craftsmanship company with something gleaming"]. Also, we operate transparent and reliable business so that we can contribute to the society and provide a feeling of security for all stakeholders by developing the local economy, securing stable employment, and so on. To achieve the goal, our officers and employees work together and maximize the corporate value with the keyword of 3C [Change, Challenge, and Create].


TAKISAWA - JAPON CNC Lathe TAKISAWA - JAPON TCC-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TCN-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TC-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TG-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TT-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TK-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TF-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TCY-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TS-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON Multi-Tasking Machine TAKISAWA - JAPON TMX-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TM-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TMM-Series TAKISAWA - JAPON TMT-Series Piston Machine TAKISAWA - JAPON TPS-series Machining Center TAKISAWA - JAPON MAC-Series CNC/Manual Lathe TAKISAWA - JAPON TAC-series Manual Lathe TAKISAWA - JAPON TSL-series TAKISAWA - JAPON TAL-series Products CNC Lathe Wide range of sizes of the two-axis 1 turret lathe, Y-axis / Opposed Twin-Spindle / Parallel Twin-Spindle / Vertical lineup of CNC lathe. TCC-Series CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret) 6"/8" TCN-Series CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret) 8"/10"/12" TC-Series Highly Rigid CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret) 12"/15" TG-Series Highly Rigid Large CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret) 15"~28" TT-Series Parallel Twin-Spindle CNC Lathe (2 Spindle / 2 Turret) 5"/6"/8"/10"/12" for Mass Production TK-Series Vertical CNC Lathe (1 Spindle / 1 Turret or Comb) 8"/10" TF-Series Shaft Turning Lathe (2 Spindle / 2 Turret) 8"/10" TCY-Series Combined Machining CNC Lathe (Y-Axis, Opposed Twin-Spindle / 1 Turret) 6"/8" TS-Series Combined Machining CNC Lathe (Y-Axis, Opposed Twin-Spindle / 1 Turret) 8"/10"/12" Multi-Tasking Machine High efficiency and a multi-tasking machine of the tool spindle type with a B-axis and the turret type are carried. TMX-Series 4-Axes, Multi-Tasking Machine Tool Spindle Type : B-Axis & ATC 8" TM-Series 4-Axes, Multi-Tasking Machine Turret Type 8" TMM-Series 4-Axes, 4/5-Axes, Multi-Tasking Machine Tool Spindle Type : B-Axis & ATC, Turret Type 10" TMT-Series 4/5-Axes, Multi-Tasking Machine Tool Spindle Type : B-Axis & ATC 12"/15" Piston Machine Piston machine TPS series winning high trust from engine piston specialists TPS-series Piston Machine Non-Circular Machining CNC Lathe Piston, Piston Ring, Piston Pin Hole, etc Machining Center Vertical Machining Center and Vertical Drill Center are carried. MAC-Series Highly Rigid Vertical MC・DC Machining Center, Drill Center CNC/Manual Lathe "RAKU-RAKU Master" TAC-series are Takisawa's unique "RAKU-RAKU software" is installed. TAC-series CNC/Manual Lathe (RAKU-RAKU Master) Swing Over Bed : 360~1500mm Manual Lathe Manual lathe TSL/TAL series serving in various companies and training facilities all over the world TSL-series Manual Lathe Swing Over Bed : 360mm TAL-series Manual Lathe Swing Over Bed : 460~600mm