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MECCANODORA CNC Takım Tezgahları Firması - Machine Tools Company MECCANODORA Cnc External Grinding Machines MECCANODORA Cnc Internal Grinding Machines MECCANODORA Cnc Combined Hard ¿ Turning And Grinding Machines MECCANODORA High-Speed Grinding Machines With Cbn Wheels MECCANODORA 5 Axis Flexible Grinding / Milling Center (UROS) MECCANODORA Special Machines For Constant Velocity Joint MECCANODORA Special Grindig Machines For Bearings MACHINE DESIGN Meccanodora machines are completely in-house engineered. Our technical and Engineering Department is responsible for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic designs. All machines are CNC controlled QUALITY POLICY Since 1995 a Quality Project has beendeveloped in view of ISO 9001 Standards.This project involves all Meccanodora'sdepartments and sub-contractors as well. A Quality Manual including all procedureswas issued and our Quality Manager isresponsible for its correct application. To improve technical knowledge and to familiarize our personnel with QualityPolicy, periodic training courses are heldin-house GLOBAL SERVICE Meccanodora's own sales and service andhis wide network of agents make up a global,efficient sales and service organization. Our sales engineers are always near thecustomers in providing for the best possiblesolution in the choice of machines andprocess technology. A competent team of skilled engineersguarantees a quick after-sales service formany years after machine purchase.