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MAKINO CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI MAKINO CNC F Serisi MAKINO CNC F3 MAKINO CNC F5 MAKINO CNC F8 MAKINO CNC F9 MAKINO CNC FB Serisi MAKINO CNC FB127 MAKINO CNC IQ Serisi MAKINO CNC iQ300 MAKINO CNC PS Serisi MAKINO CNC PS65 MAKINO CNC PS95 MAKINO CNC V Serisi MAKINO CNC V22 MAKINO CNC V33i MAKINO CNC V56i MAKINO CNC V77 MAKINO CNC V77L MAKINO CNC V99 MAKINO CNC V99L MAKINO CNC Yatay İşleme Merkezi CNC Dik İşleme Merkezi HAAS CNC HAAS CNC DT Serisi HAAS CNC DT-1 HAAS CNC GR Serisi HAAS CNC GR-510 HAAS CNC GR-712 HAAS CNC MINI Serisi HAAS CNC MINIMILL HAAS CNC MINIMILL2 HAAS CNC SMINIMILL HAAS CNC OM Serisi HAAS CNC OM-2A HAAS CNC TM Serisi HAAS CNC TM-1 HAAS CNC TM-1P HAAS CNC TM-2 HAAS CNC TM-2P HAAS CNC TM-3 HAAS CNC VF Serisi HAAS CNC VF-1 HAAS CNC VF-10/40 HAAS CNC VF-10/50 HAAS CNC VF-11/40 HAAS CNC VF-11/50 HAAS CNC VF-12/40 HAAS CNC VF-12/50 HAAS CNC VF-1YT HAAS CNC VF-2 HAAS CNC VF-2SS HAAS CNC VF-2SSYT HAAS CNC VF-2YT HAAS CNC VF-3 HAAS CNC VF-3SS HAAS CNC VF-3SSYT HAAS CNC VF-3YT HAAS CNC VF-3YT/50 HAAS CNC VF-4 HAAS CNC VF-4SS HAAS CNC VF-5/40 HAAS CNC VF-5/40XT HAAS CNC VF-5/50 HAAS CNC VF-5/50XT HAAS CNC VF-5SS HAAS CNC VF-6/40 HAAS CNC VF-6/50 HAAS CNC VF-6SS HAAS CNC VF-7/40 HAAS CNC VF-7/50 HAAS CNC VF-8/40 HAAS CNC VF-8/50 HAAS CNC VF-9/40 HAAS CNC VF-9/50 HAAS CNC VM Serisi HAAS CNC VM-2 HAAS CNC VM-3 HAAS CNC VM-6 HAAS CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI HAAS CNC EC Serisi HAAS CNC EC-1600 HAAS CNC EC-1600YZT HAAS CNC EC-400 HAAS CNC EC-400PP HAAS CNC EC-500 MAKINO CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI a Serisi a51nx a61nx a71 a81 a81M a82 a82M a92 BH Serisi BH50 G Serisi G10 G5 J Serisi J3 / J3F J4M J5 J55 MCC Serisi MCC1513 MCC2013 MCC2513 MCC2516 MCC3016 MCC3018 MCD Serisi MCD1816 MCF Serisi MCF3518 Torna HAAS DS serisi DS-30 DS-30SS DS-30SSY DS-30Y OL Serisi OL-1 ST Serisi ST-10 ST-10Y ST-20 ST-20SS ST-20SSY ST-20Y ST-25 ST-25Y ST-30 ST-30SS ST-30SSY ST-30Y ST-35 ST-40 ST-40L ST-45 ST-45L TL Serisi TL-1 TL-2 TL-3 TL-3B Köprü Tipi İşleme Merkezi FOURSTAR CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI FOURSTAR CNC FD-18 Serisi FD1822 FD1827 FD1832 FD1842 FD1852 FOURSTAR CNC FD-21 Serisi FD2132 FD2142 FOURSTAR CNC FD-24A Serisi FD2152 FD2432A FD2442A FD2452A FOURSTAR CNC FD-28 Serisi FD2832 FD2842 FD2852 FOURSTAR CNC FD-32 Serisi FD2860 FD3242 FD3252 FD3260 FOURSTAR CNC FD-36 Serisi FD3642 FD3652 FD3660 FOURSTAR CNC FD-42 Serisi FD4242 FD4252 FD4260 FOURSTAR CNC FDW-24 Serisi FDW2432 FDW2442 FDW2452 FDW2460 FDW-28 Serisi FDW2832 FDW2842 FDW2852 FDW2860 FDW-32 Serisi FDW3242 FDW3252 FDW3260 FDW-36 Serisi FDW3642 FDW3652 FDW3660 FDW-42 Serisi FDW4242 FDW4252 FDW4260 LER VH Serisi VH100 VH130 VH160 VH220 / VH220T VH320 / VH320T 5 Eksenli İşleme Merkezi HAAS UMC Serisi UMC-750 VF Serisi VF-2TR VF-5/40TR VF-5/50TR VF-6/40TR VF-6/50TR MAKINO CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI a Serisi A100E-5XR a51nx-5XR a61nx-5E a61nx-5XR a81-5XR D Serisi D300 D500 D800Z MAG Serisi A4 A7 MAG1 MAG3 / MAG3.H / MAG3.EX MAG4 / MAG4.H T1 T2 T4 MCC-VG Serisi MCC2013VG MCC2516VG MCC3016VG MCD-5XA Serisi MCD1516-5XA V Serisi V22-5XB V33i-5XB Grafit İşleme Merkezi MAKINO V-GR Serisi V22Gr V33iGr V56iGr V77Gr Tel Erozyon Tezgahları MAKINO U Serisi U1310 U3 / U3 H.E.A.T U32j U53j U6 / U6 H.E.A.T U86 Dalma Erozyon Tezgahları MAKINO EDAF Serisi EDAF2 EDAF3 EDNC Serisi EDNC106 EDNC157 EDNC207 EDNC30 EDNC40 EDNC65 EDNC85 Takım Bileme Tezgahları ANCA Anca Serisi FastGrind GX7 MX5 MX7 TX7+ Döner Tablalar ve Divizörler AUTO CAM 5 EKSENLİ DÖNER TABLALAR AT350ACR ATS160A ATS160A-ACR ATS160B DİVİZÖRLER AT125R AT160L AT160R AT200R AT250R AT320R AT400R AT500R AT800R ATS160B-ACR ATS250B HAAS CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI 5 EKSENLİ DÖNER TABLALAR T5C T5C2 T5C3 T5C4 TR160 TR160-2 TR160Y TR210 TR310 TRT160 TRT210 DİVİZÖR HA2TS HA5C HA5C2 HA5C3 HA5C4 HA5CS DÖNER TABLALAR HRC210 HRT160 HRT160-2 HRT160SP HRT160SS HRT210 HRT210-2 HRT210SP HRT310 HRT310SP HRT320FB HRT450 HRT600 HRTA5 HRTA6 MAKINO CNC TAKIM TEZGAHLARI FİRMASI - MACHINE TOOLS COMPANY MACHINE TOOLS automotive, aerospace, medical, die/mold and other industries worldwide, they make them with Makino. A leader in advanced manufacturing machine tool technology, Makino enables its customers to realize the highest level of quality with the fastest time to market. Horizontal Machining 4 Axis Horizontal Machining 5 Axis Graphite Machining Centers Vertical Machining Centers Vertical Machining Centers 5 Axis RAM EDM EDM Hole Drilling Wire EDM Cells and Systems

MAKINO Firma Bilgisi

The Makino commitment to customers starts with global leadership in metal-cutting and manufacturing technology, with industry-leading horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, wire EDM and Ram EDM, and graphite machining centers. Helping customers make what matters also means that Makino is both a software company and an engineering services company. A service company and a financing company. A turnkey engineering company and an integration services company. An automation systems company and a machine tool supply company. A training company and a process technology company. All of which means Makino is the one company you need to machine parts more accurately, productively and at a lower cost per part. The partner you need to build and sustain a metal-cutting business that thrives by making the parts that matter for the customers that matter the most.

MAKINO Ürünler

MAKINO Machine Tools Horizontal Machining 4-Axis Horizontal Machining 5-Axis Graphite Machining Centers Vertical Machining 4-Axis Vertical Machining 5-Axis RAM EDM Wire EDM Cells and Systems Process Parts Production High-Speed Milling EDM Titanium Micromachining Grinding Industries Automotive Aerospace General Machining Medical Construction Die Mold